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ABSORBArctic Beaufort Sea Oilspill Research Body
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This authorisation makes the company's Absorb bioresorbable heart stent the first-of-its-kind medical device commercially available to treat people in Japan with coronary artery disease.
The Absorb GT1 BVS is manufactured from a biodegradable polymer called poly(L-lactide), which is similar to materials used in other types of absorbable medical devices, such as sutures.
The discovery of the new metal-eating plant -- one of only 450 species out of 300,000 known vascular plants that can absorb significant amounts of metal -- was detailed this week in Pensoft Publishers' open access journal PhytoKeys.
professor of interventional cardiology at the Thoraxcentre, Erasmus University Hospital, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and primary investigator for the ABSORB II clinical trial.
Fat Absorb has a product that addresses all these concerns and at the same time, gives stable results in double quick time," said the promoters of http://www.
She found that after five days, the plants became full and would not absorb any more arsenic.
Each detector module will be designed to absorb approximately 5% of the neutron flux so that a series of 20 modules (or 10 module pairs) located along the beam axis absorbs the entire beam.
New Product Development, "The steering column moves in the same path as the driver, which increases its ability to absorb energy from the torso, the pedals move away in a controlled manner to reduce foot injuries, and the knee bolster's path aligns with the trajectory of the driver's knees.
For years, municipal water treatment operators have added aluminum to their tanks to make bacteria settle out of the final product, If Yokel's ongoing experiments show our bodies absorb too much aluminum from tap water, the EPA may adopt stricter regulations.
The five-storied pagoda on the grounds of the Horyuji Temple in Nara, believed to be the oldest wooden building in the world, built in the sixth century, is designed to absorb shocks, with the central pillar swinging like a long pendulum, explains Banta.
While traditional oxygen absorbers need moisture to absorb oxygen, PharmaKeep is active as supplied, absorbing oxygen at low relative humidity levels.
Currently available synthetic monofilament absorbable sutures can take as many as 180 days to absorb, and other absorbable options, such as gut sutures, have weaker tensile strength and can be brittle, compromising knot security.