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ÅÅngstrøm (unit of length)
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05 M ferric chloride solution, which led to formation of DMPD radical, was freshly prepared and the reagent was equilibrated to an absorbance of 0.
Hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity = (1 - absorbance of sample / absorbance of control) x 100
Staphylococcus aureus showed good and complete absorbance activity after 24 h, at pH 6, 7 and 8.
From the overfloating liquid, absorbance was measured by spectrophotometry and calculated the rate of colorific removed, replacing values in equation 1 (24, 25):
A UV-Visible spectrophotometer SP-1800 (721 G) equipped with 1-cm matched glass cell was used for absorbance measurement.
After addition of 40 mL of chloroform solution 2 layers were obtained and the bottom layer (chloroform layer) contained the yellowish colored vitamin B1- p-amino phenol complex which was collected and diluted serially to obtain 15, 10, 8, 5, 2, 1 ppm vitamin B1-p- amino phenol complex and finally absorbance was measured at 490 nm.
The iron-chelating activity is based on absorbance measurement of iron (Il)-ferrozine complex.
Despite the lack of standardized protocol and various interferences reported by researchers, it has been generally recognized that absorbance of dissolved formazan in a bacterial culture sample recorded near 550 nm is directly proportional to the number of metabolically active cells (18).
3, after the biochemically binded boards made by the SQG pretreated wood fiber, the absorbance of O-H stretch peak became lower, it mented that some O-H might produce hydrogen bond.
Transformer oil is of highly absorbing material, the value of absorbance generally exceeds the spectrophotometer saturation range (max.
The scattering contribution in A1 was estimated by assuming that the absorbance for larger wavelengths (above the absorption peak edge in the spectrum) was due to scattering.
High absorbance values for samples and/or positive control - absorbance does not go down as the sample is diluted down the plate), might be caused by: