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Therefore the absorption efficiency in the short wavelength range is not high.
PS has higher absorption efficiency for short-wavelength light than c-Si and poly-Si.
The Absorption Efficiency of CO2, SO2, And Nox In Actual Flue Gases From A Coal-Fired Facility Varies Depending On The Reaction Conditions.
Clearance rate (CR) and absorption efficiency (AE) were determined on days 1,4,7,10,12, and 14.
Absorption efficiency has been shown to vary widely depending on the species and habitat.
No significant association existed between Odh genotype and variation in metabolic rate, absorption efficiency, or net energy balance (P [is greater than] 0.05, fig.
SFG was calculated as the difference between metabolizable energy intake (ingested ration X absorption efficiency) and the sum of respiratory and excretory energy losses.
Senior author Michael Holick, added, "Since the ability to absorb vitamin D in CD patients is unpredictable, the only way to determine absorption efficiency is to perform a vitamin D bioavailability test.
This allows the delivery system to circulate in the body for an extended time period, maximizing the opportunities for the drug to reach the relevant sites.Professor Porter's group and Starpharma have been investigating dendrimer-based drug delivery systems for some time -- but these most recent finding appear to hold particular promise.The data, published in the Journal of Controlled Release, demonstrates that by increasing dendrimer size by increasing the chain length of attached polyethylene glycol chains, a dramatic increase in absorption efficiency after subcutaneous injection can be achieved and transported into the lymphatic system.
"Chromium nanoparticle exhibits higher absorption efficiency than chromium picolinate and chromium chloride in Caco2 cell monolayers." J Anita Physiol Anita Nutr (Bed).
The percentage of the consumed food that was absorbed considered as absorption efficiency. Food conversion efficiency was determined using "Sacrifice method" [4] and expressed as mg dry substance gained/ g live fish/ day was conversion rate.