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ACADAutoCAD (design/drafting development software by Autodesk)
ACADAviation Cadet (US Navy rank)
ACADAcadia National Park (US National Park Service)
ACADAuto Cad
ACADAlberta College of Art & Design (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
ACADAtherosclerotic Coronary Artery Disease
ACADAmbulatory Care and Diagnostic
ACADAdvanced Computer Aided Design
ACADAsbestos Control & Abatement Division (UK)
ACADAdvisory Committee on Assistive Devices
ACADAir Containment Atmosphere Dilution
ACADAuto Computer-Aided Design
ACADAutomated Chemical Agent Detector
ACADAbyei Community Action for Development
ACADAttitude Control and Determination
ACADAsesoría Centroamericana de Desarollo (Central American Consultant's Office of Development; Guatemala)
ACADAll Calls All Day (Sprint)
ACADAdvice and Counseling on Alcohol and Drugs (UK)
ACADAdams County Aging Department
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In a few days we came back to town; and his excellency, considering the bad character he had in the academy, would not go with me himself, but recommended me to a friend of his, to bear me company thither.
with a playful allusion to democratic principles) to scramble into the first Brown conveyance in the line, instead of waiting till the cold-and-gin congested nose of one's own coachman gleamed under the portico of the Academy.
This was especially the case when the pleasure was a delicate one, as his pleasures mostly were; and on this occasion the moment he looked forward to was so rare and exquisite in quality that--well, if he had timed his arrival in accord with the prima donna's stage-manager he could not have entered the Academy at a more significant moment than just as she was singing: "He loves me--he loves me not--HE LOVES ME
A small and humble dwelling was prepared for his family, and the divine had made his appearance in the place but a few days previously to the time of his introduction to the reader, As his forms were entirely new to most of the inhabitants, and a clergyman of another denomination had previously occupied the field, by engaging the academy, the first Sunday after his arrival was allowed to pass in silence; but now that his rival had passed on, like a meteor filling the air with the light of his wisdom, Richard was empowered to give notice that “Public worship, after the forms of the Protestant Episcopal Church, would be held on the night before Christmas, in the long room of the academy in Templeton, by the Rev.
This worthy pair was observed to enter the academy, and carefully to fasten the door, after which their proceedings remained a profound secret to the rest of the village; Mr.
At this time of the season, every year, I have generally returned to my apartment in the chateau for the winter; but this year I said to myself that I would not quit the pavilion before my father had finished the resume of his works on the 'Dissociation of Matter' for the Academy.
Chasing 147 in the game at the Nazeer Hussain Young Fighter Ground, Nazeer Hussain Academy reached 146-5 with Abid hitting up a superb 70 off 61 balls and all-rounder Taimur 43 off 38 deliveries.
The full list is: secondary schools - Batley Girls High School, Castle Hall Academy, Heckmondwike Grammar School, King James's School, Manor Croft Academy, Moor End Academy, Salendine Nook High School, Shelley College, The Mirfield Free Grammar and Sixth Form and Thornhill Community Academy.
Lorin Johnson, Academy Director Amanda McKerrow, Artistic Advisor Official school of Ballet Pacifica Ethan Stiefel, Artistic Director John Gardner, Artistic Associate 1824 Kaiser Ave.
Military Academy are Christopher Ancheta, Antelope Valley High; Katrina Kamel, Lancaster High; Joseph Perez and Ryan Van Wie, Valencia High; and Jason Robbins, Lighthouse Christian Academy.
Problems at the Academy are acknowledged, Lynn said, but task force members denied that there is a pattern of intentional religious intolerance and bias there.
But instead of bringing national attention to the pervasive lies and unjustified assertions of gun-control proponents, the Academy of Sciences discounted some of its own research, advocated measures opposed by gun owners, vilified gun owners, and misrepresented some of its data.
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