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During the turns, you must accelerate the ball by tangential acceleration and angular acceleration.
Now dealers can utilize the ATC-Onlane powered Accelerate program to better manage their inventory without having to leave their dealership.
6 At 12 yards, break to post and accelerate as you look for ball.
What constitutes an order to accelerate may raise numerous factual issues.
In the farther future there is a possibility of a relativistic IFA, which would accelerate particles much closer to the speed of light.
Our solutions were designed from the ground up to accelerate and scale dynamic Web applications making optimization of these new applications straight forward for us and our customers.
The PhysX processor further accelerates high quality and truly representative simulations, and brings new dimensions to the gaming experience, including collisions, explosions, complex jointed geometries, fabrics that drape and tare, dense smoke and liquids, multiple objects and particles, as well as other physical events.
The ability to classify transactions into business processes will afford us greater control over applications and will allow us to substantially optimize and accelerate Oracle applications for our clients," continued Eliran.
Based on the integrated WX Framework[TM], which delivers the elements needed to accelerate applications and optimize WAN performance, the WX and WXC platforms help businesses improve application response times, maximize WAN investments, and control and prioritize key applications.