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As promising as wakefield acceleration now looks, it can't displace all conventional accelerator technology.
The rubber vulcanizates obtained by the accelerator binary system were subjected to thermal aging at 90 [degrees] C for different periods up to six days.
Richter himself is spending half of his time away from his administrative duties to work on the day-to-day operation of the accelerator.
The Imagine Cup Innovation Accelerator challenges students to imagine a better world enabled by their own genius, creativity and energy and to provide opportunities for participation in the future of technology.
Instead of a traditional copper accelerator cavity, CEBAF is to have a niobium cavity that is kept chilled to --455|F, just a few degrees above absolute zero.
Cost-Effective High Performance IDT Network Search Accelerators Chosen by Xelerated to Provide Additional Classification Support to X11 Network Processor for Edge Routing Acceleration
The collaboration of our Chesapeake network processor and the IDT network search accelerator empowers network OEMs to rapidly develop a new generation of multimedia-centric network equipment for the broadband market," said Charles Gershman, Bay Microsystems' founder, president and CEO.
Expand Networks created the Accelerator 7940 based on the demands of the market," said Amir Chitayat, president, Expand Networks.
The Parlay API Accelerator Program was created to help speed the movement of APIs from development to commercial implementation.
Tarari's new Encoder Accelerator makes a significant contribution toward enabling quick output of high-quality video content for network distribution through the new media channels now emerging in business, education, and entertainment," said Randy Smerik, Tarari CEO.
The success of the API Accelerator in producing 5 new speclets in a very short time shows that the interactive and collaborative way in which it was done is really the way of the future.
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