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ACCELAccelerando (Music, Gradually Increasing in Speed)
ACCELAutomated Circuit Card Etching Layout (electrical engineering)
ACCELAmerican College of Cardiology Extended Learning
ACCELAllegheny College Center for Experiential Learning (Meadville, PA)
ACCELAuthority for California Cities Excess Liability (San Francisco, CA)
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An accelerometer instrument and measurement can be found in industrial systems like medical electronic, vehicles system and gaming system.
The ADXL001 also has a self-test pin that can be asserted to verify the full electromechanical signal chain for the accelerometer channel.
The purpose of this work, additional to the proposal of a geometry that enhances the sensitivity of a capacitive accelerometer, is to validate the theoretical results way with those obtained by the use of Ansys software, which makes modeling by finite element method.
Accelerometer sensors measure the difference between any linear acceleration in the accelerometer's reference frame and the earth's gravitational field vector.
Testing shows the threaded accelerometer will not loosen from the pod, however the 46A and mounting bases have lock wire holes for customers that require them.
For more information on the USB ICPDigital[TM] Accelerometer, please visit www.
Accelerometer data were downloaded to user computer by Bluetooth linkage (3) and analysed using biomedical signal processing software (4).
The attacker could easily obtain the data through a chatting service or a game, or even by simply recording and sending accelerometer data.
Example demonstrating how accelerometer data shared with separate traffic and health applications could indicate Bob's location.
The patent describes a computer featuring an accelerometer to write on the hard drive or protect a read.