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AQLAcceptance Quality Limit
AQLAcceptable Quality Level
AQLAccess Query Language
AQLAssurance Quality Level (product safety)
AQLArangoDB Query Language (databases)
AQLAsk Questions Later
AQLAdvanced Quicklook
AQLAeroquest Ltd
AQLArchetypal Query Language (data processing)
AQLAcceptable/Acceptance Quality Level
AQLAlignment Query Language (data management)
AQLAverage Quality Limit
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NCMA and ICPI developed the program to provide Basalite Concrete Products and fellow members the ability to a) independently control their production process; and, b) deliver on a timely basis block, brick, paver, slab and segmental retaining wall units consistently produced at an acceptable quality level. The program is oriented to units complying with 11 ASTM International and five CSA standards.
The first is the notion of an acceptable quality level (AQL), and the other is often referred to as the "expected defect rate." In every organization that claims to have some form of formal quality assurance program, one or another of these numbers has been defined and communicated clearly to those building and delivering the "product." An organization with an active QA program defines the quality level it must meet to fulfill its objectives and keep its customers happy.
Most companies manufacture to a 2.5-4.0 acceptable quality level. The automated inspection elevates the O-ring to top-level quality and enables North Coast Seal to inspect more than 1 million O-rings per week.
Note that the roadmap includes not only the performance elements of task, standards, and Acceptable Quality Level (AQL) but also the inspection/assessment elements of monitoring performance (the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan MASPI portion).
So, tolerance design becomes crucial in order to reduce manufacturing costs at acceptable quality level. The aime of this paper is to motivate the research to make a bridge, the gap between the robust conceptual design and the robust parameter design.
In some manufacturing schemes, post-print AOI is placed offline and shared by multiple lines, with inspection performed on an acceptable quality level (AQL) basis.
Key elements of the a PWS include a statement of the required services, where performance is to take place, the period of performance, measurable performance standards, and the acceptable quality level or allowable error rate (Defense Logistics Agency [DLA], 2004, pp.
Therefore, the acceptable quality level must truly represent the variation from the standards set in the contract that will meet the government's requirements.
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