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Emma's only surprize was that Jane Fairfax should accept those attentions and tolerate Mrs.
Before long public opinion was against her; for society accepts the verdict an independent woman renders on herself by not marrying, either through losing suitors or rejecting them.
In Art, the public accept what has been, because they cannot alter it, not because they appreciate it.
Adrienne was advised to accept Betts, and her scruples, on the score of money, were gradually removed, by Mrs.
Surely you could not marry a woman who accepts pearls like those you knew the general was going to give me, on the very eve of her marriage?
So thought Pierre, and the whole of this general deception which everyone accepts, accustomed as he was to it, astonished him each time as if it were something new.
She accepts public disgrace in the house of another to save me.
Of course if a woman accepts the wrong man, she must take the consequences, and one who does it twice over deserves her fate.
For this is the virtue of the whale tooth: Whoever accepts it cannot refuse the request that may accompany it or follow it.
My Lord accepts, with a last admiring glance at the Countess which does not escape her brother's observation, and takes his leave for the night.
My friend happens to be fond of fishing, and gladly accepts the invitation.
But he who accepts human love must bind it to his soul with pain, and she is not lost to me.