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ACCESSAssessing Comprehension and Communication in English State-to-State
ACCESSAdvanced Cosmic-Ray Composition Experiment (Space Station)
ACCESSAirCraft Casualty Emotional Support Services
ACCESSArab Community Center for Economic & Social Services (Detroit, Michigan)
ACCESSAssault Care Center (Ames, IA)
ACCESSAlliance Center for Collaboration, Education, Science, and Software
ACCESSAdvocacy Center for Children's Educational Success with Standards
ACCESSAssembly Concept for Construction of Erectable Space Structures
ACCESSA Comprehensive Custody Evaluation Standard System
ACCESSArea Cooperative Computerized Educational Service System
ACCESSAnalysis Computer for Component Engineering Services Support (semiconductors)
ACCESSAlternatives to Combat Child Labor Through Education and Sustainable Services
ACCESSAltera Commitment to Cooperative Engineering Solutions
ACCESSAutomatic Computer Controlled Electronic Scanning System
ACCESSAmerican Computerized Commodity Exchange System and Services (NYMEX)
ACCESSArmy Commissary Computer Entry Store System
ACCESSArmy Compassionate Cancer Education Support Services
ACCESSAegis Configuration Control and Engineering Status System
ACCESSAdvanced Computer Controlled Essential Services Software
ACCESSAIDS Counselling Centre and Education Support Services
ACCESSAcquiring Computer Competencies for Each Student’s Success
ACCESSAfloat Consumption, Cost & Effectiveness Surveillance System
ACCESSAutomated Command & Control Executive Support System
ACCESSAssociation of Community Care, Education and Social Services
ACCESSAircraft Computerized Equipment Support System (Boeing Company)
ACCESSAssembly Concepts for the Construction of Erectable Space Structures (NASA)
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In this paper, design, implementation and evaluation of Priority Access Mechanism and Priority Access Management Mechanism are described.
The strength of this book lies in the clarity with which Suber highlights an extremely complex publishing and access environment where, he states, a publisher such as Elsevier registered a greater annual profit than ExxonMobil in 2010.
Complying was not a big stretch for guarantors became they have been actively working to increase college access, especially among underserved student populations like those from low-income families, minorities, and first-generation students.
Moreover, consular officials must be allowed to communicate with and have reasonable access to the detainees.
Will university students enrolled in a studio art course access an edublog designed to support their instruction, even if they are not required to do so?
Since 1997, the Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH) has collaborated with state colleagues to increase access to emergency contraception.
For example, it may be possible to leave your laptop behind if, while traveling, you only need to check e-mail and have access to a computer facility, such as a hotel business center.
However welcome this news is, over-the-counter access to Plan B is still denied to a vital subset of women: adolescents.
Most offices with networks already own most of the necessary components, which include a server (the computer that manages network resources), a router or switch (to distribute riles within the network) and a firewall (software or hardware to prevent unauthorized access into or from the network).
"We were caught a little bit by surprise by the number of rogue access points that had been plugged in." In some cases, his staff would receive complaints about network slowdowns at a school; on investigating, they would find as many as 10 Wi-Fi hotspots that had been installed without the IT department's knowledge.
The literature shows that successful libraries are working together to address the obstacles by encouraging interorganizational collaboration, planning for diverse alternate formats, developing standards, encouraging accessible online services, providing access to adaptive technology, and, perhaps most importantly, developing training strategies.
Ideal in environments where laptops and mobile workers are prevalent, Vernier's EdgeWall addresses internal security concerns for enterprises, ensuring that potentially infected devices cannot gain access to networks.
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