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A/RAs Required
A/RAccounts Receivable
A/RAndata e Ritorno (Italian: Forward and Backward/Out and Home/First and Last Half)
A/RArea/Radius (geometry)
A/RAccept/Refuse (message)
A/RAnalog to Resolver
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Altogether, considering the services we receive, we have found that borrowing against our accounts receivable costs less than borrowing from a bank in the short-term.
While sales and accounts receivable were mushrooming, cash was actually decreasing.
For example, eligible accounts receivable typically include receivables from completed sales, whereas items like older receivables (over 90 days from invoice) and foreign receivables are usually considered ineligible.
Auditors should consider other auditing procedures when they do not confirm accounts receivable, especially when the balances are material.
If there is a change in the type of accounts receivable a taxpayer accrues, such that the risk of loss is substantially increased, a taxpayer may request the IRS's approval to use a period shorter than six years.
During an analytical review, Weber found accounts receivable turnover and receivables as a percentage of sales were outside industry standards and alerted the Biebesheimer president.
For professional corporations using the cash method of accounting, unrecorded accounts receivable would increase the net unrealized built-in gain, and unrecorded accounts payable and accrued liabilities would decrease it.
Members of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee bluntly criticized the IRS's general mismanagement of assets it has seized, especially in light of the agency's huge $125 billion accounts receivable backlog.
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