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On July 12, 2004, the Civilian Personnel Accreditation Procedures for Italy were published as an annex to the February 2004 edition of the Tri-Component Regulation for Italy.
In 2002, the province created a new Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act that opened up the opportunity for colleges to seek external accreditation.
Accreditation can serve as an important tool to use in that pursuit, as ".
To address the need for a less costly LTC accreditation process, JCAHO launched the "Medicare/Medicaid Certification-based Long Term Care Accreditation" option in January 2003.
the reinforced value of accreditation among AAHSA members should "help 'raise the bar' for quality care and services.
ACA is a national accrediting body and the public relies on our system for accreditation.
It would also help the zoo overcome the tarnished image it took on in 1995 when the association threatened to pull its accreditation for numerous health and safety violations, including vermin-infested exhibits.
The PFS was the first accreditation instituted by AICPA; the second was the Business Valuation accreditation.
The report describes areas where new accreditations might help CPAs compete in today's marketplace by clearly separating them from non-CPA practitioners.
Healthways' continued accreditation and growing number of accredited programs is a reflection of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that build value for customers by improving the health of members.
The accreditation programs of both organizations are stronger as a result of the merger," said Ann Gillespie, former executive director of CCAC and current senior vice president for organizational excellence at American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging in Washington, D.
Sections have the authority to extend the accreditation of a currently-accredited camp for one year -- but only for an unusual and unforeseen circumstance not related to the camp's normal compliance with best practices.
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