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ACCRAmylase Creatinine Clearance Ratio
ACCRAluminum Conductor Composite-Reinforced (3M)
ACCRAssociation des Centres Culturels de Rencontre
ACCRAssociation Canadienne pour la Conservation et la Restauration (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
ACCRAmerican Chamber of Commerce Resources (Chicago, IL)
ACCRAmerican Chiropractic College of Radiology
ACCRAutomóvil Club de Costa Rica (Spanish: Automobile Club of Costa Rica)
ACCRAmsterdam Center for Career Research (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands)
ACCRAssociation of Christian Churches in Russia
ACCRAutomatic Credit Card Renewal
ACCRAccelerating Catholic Church Reform
ACCRAssociation of California Cartridge Remanufacturers
ACCRArkansas Central Cancer Registry
ACCRAntarctic Confederation of City Republics (fictional country related to stamp collecting)
ACCRAirborne Cloud Characterization Radar
ACCRActivated Carbon Catalytic Reduction
ACCRAssyrian Committee for Civic Responsibility
ACCRAutoregressive Constrained Categorical Regression
ACCRAdvanced Collaboration Consulting Resources (South Carolina)
ACCRAdvanced Customer Care and Retention (Invensys Development Centre; Singapore)
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There was no honor that could accrue to him from engaging in combat with slaves and criminals, or an unknown warrior from Manataj, nor was the stake of sufficient import to warrant the risk.
All that she would be able to see is the immediate moral effect of these experiments upon the subjects themselves--she would not look into the future and appreciate the immense advantage to mankind that must accrue from a successful termination of our research.
An accrual-basis taxpayer normally takes deductions for expenses in the year the item accrues.
However, the susceptibility model predicted that 51% of the estimated mortality benefits would accrue to that subpopulation--more than double the prediction of the conventional model.
We are very excited to partner with Accrue to meet this rapidly growing market need.
As a member of the Cisco iQ ecosystem, Accrue is able to provide additional value to its customers by rapidly bringing in other members of the ecosystem to meet customers' broader Internet technology needs.
Employees can accrue a maximum of 704 hours of unused sick leave to use for long-term disability in the event of a serious injury or illness.
In the first scenario, the ruling holds that the taxpayer is only required to accrue the correct invoice amount in the year that it shipped the goods, because that amount is the only one that the taxpayer had a fixed right to in that year.
For federal income tax purposes the California franchise tax continues to accrue in the California tax year.