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In German, for instance, the prepositions zu and nach (both meaning 'to') govern dative case and not accusative case, even though they are clearly GOAL prepositions.
Note that the animate object Azan in (3a) bears accusative case marker ko, while (3b) shows that the object kitab 'book' is nominative because it does not have any case marker.
[do' (ge, [use' (ge, voice).produce' (ge, words)] CAUSE [do' (ge, [express.([alfa]).about.([omega]).to.([beta]).in.language.([gamma])' (ge, [conjunto vacio])])], where god = [omega] x Nominative Actor ge w ongean + Accusative ongean god The preposition on implies the syntactic realisation of the external variable v making reference to the language used to communicate the message, that is, [in.language.(()].
If the following numeral for '6' was written out in the form six (as in six wesseras), we might have had the sequence (cysassixlangsswero) 'cheeses (and) six long butters', and the double <ss> in <cyssassix> could be simplified to <cysasix> thereby leading to the grammatically incorrect form cysa for accusative plural, when six was replaced by the numeral vi.
It is how the epithet is understood by Fowler, whose glossary defines hearde at line 33 of Maldon as an adverb 'hard, strongly'.(17) Indeed, although hearde is glossed as a feminine accusative singular adjective in Scragg's 1981 edition of the poem, he treats it as an adverb in the translation published ten years later in the millenial volume, where the line is rendered: 'than that we should join battle so grievously'.(18)
At the same time, Zwierlein is right to make the words apply to the whole list of human criminals, not just Phaedra, and Leo and Boyle in taking nil as an adverbial accusative. What we need is a conjecture that will produce a clear shift from the feminine plural to the neuter singular while preventing the reader from taking nil as the subject, since that would leave us with the nonsensical meaning quoted in my title.
There are some languages, according to Dixon's discussion in Chapter 2, which exhibit neither ergative nor accusative syntactic marking.
Cass Gilbert with the accusative interrogation: "You did it, but is it art?" And so it will continue to ask until the building is completed.
4.2 Christus in the nominative cries out for the specification other critics have provided for the accusative (one thinks also of adding meo to deo at 9.4).
On the night of 30 November, during his private meeting with Wimal Weerawansa MP and Udaya Gammanpila MP-two of PM Rajapaksa's outspoken MPs (of SLPP)- President Sirisena reportedly lashed out at them for pointing their accusative fingers at him for failing to collect the 113 MP majority that he promised to PM Rajapaksa when President Sirisena appointed Rajapaksa as the new PM on 26 October.