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ACCUSAutomobile Competition Committee of the United States (car racing)
ACCUSAccusative (grammatical case)
ACCUSAmerican Catholic Church in the United States
ACCUSAutomobile Competition Committee for the US
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The evidence supporting the proposed analysis is provided in Sections 4 and 5: specifically, the evidence relates to the valuation of accusative Case in OSV/OVS structures.
dogdhi 'milks' = 'makes give milk' ~ duhe' 'gives [milk]', and "the accusative argument (milk, soma, etc.
In addition, this paper proposes a morphological hypothesis, namely, that agreement for nominative Case assignment between T and a nominal in Pashto monotransitives is visible while agreement for accusative Case assignment between or Voice and a nominal is invisible.
It is used as an accusative on twenty-four occasions.
children tend to omit "se" when the clitic occurs with accusative contexts as can be seen in (6), where "se" is missing despite being obligatory in adult grammar as shown by the corresponding examples in (3) above (non-alternating "se" in transitive or accusative contexts).
In (17), an example is given of the optional use of the accusative in Awtuw:
5 takes a closer look at accusative case assignment as a derivative and substitutes it for [+wh] as the determinant factor of the asymmetry.
The concurrently attested Umbrian accusative singular forms tiu, tio, teio seem to indicate that the final -m might originally have been a particle, possibly related to the one that occurs in the Sanskrit nominative singular tvam and dative singular tubhyam.
This fact becomes even more obvious if we compare this verb with the verb zaliti (to feel sorry for) which opens up a place for an accusative complement.
In an accusative tone, Finance Committee chairman and DIKO MP Nicholas Papadopoulos said Antoniadou was aware at the time that Cyprus had signed a deal with Noble Energy for gas exploration in Cyprus' EEZ.
Among the topics are a semantic map approach to a typology of impersonal constructions, impersonal constructs and accusative subjects in late Latin, the case of meteorological predication in Afroasiatic, a diachronic study of the impersonal passive in Ainu, and impersonal constructions in some Oceanic languages.
They even insolently insist to have at disposal our opinion poll which they have not only not ordered and paid for, but in their accusative articles they dared publish the original presentation of the "Rating" Agency, which is a classic theft of intellectual property