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HACHearing Aid Compatible
HACHill-Start Assist Control (automobiles)
HACHousing Assistance Council
HACHome Access Center
HAcAcetic Acid
HACHonourable Artillery Company
HACHealth Action in Crises (UN World Health Organization)
HACHouse Appropriations Committee
HACHavre Athletic Club (Le Havre, France)
HACHealth Administration Center (US VA)
HACHumanitarian Aid Commission
HACHospital Acquired Condition
HACHuman Artificial Chromosome
HACHearing Aid Council
HACHigh Alumina Cement
HACHumanist Association of Canada
HACHaiti Action Committee (Berkeley, CA)
HACHelicopter Aircraft Commander
HACHydrogen-Assisted Cracking
HACHeinous, Atrocious, and Cruel (crime categorization)
HACHot Action Cop (band)
HACHybrid Adaptive Caching
HACHazardous Area Classification
HACHumanitarian Affairs Commission
HACHockessin Athletic Club (Hockessin, DE)
HACHeading Alignment Circle (NASA; space shuttle)
HACHomeless Action Center (legal services agency, Berkeley California)
HACHeavy Assault Cruiser (gaming, EVE Online)
HACHamilton Arts Collective (Baltimore, MD)
HACHydrogenated Amorphous Carbon
HACHigher Authority Communications
HACHigh Altitude Compensator
HACHigh Altitude Compensation
HACHave A Cow
HACHughes Aircraft Corporation
HACHmong American Community
HACHigh Angle Conveyor
HACHot Asian Chick
HACHybrid Aircraft Corporation (Edgewood, NM)
HACHuman Assurance Committee (Medical College of Georgia)
HACHealth Assessment Questionnaire (used to assess quality of life)
HACHeparin Affinity Chromatography
HACHydroxyapatite Ceramics
HACHeteroscedasticity Autocorrelation-Consistent
HACHydroxyapatite Chromatography
HACHost America Corporation
HACHigh Acceleration Cockpit
HACHollywood Advisory Council
HACHarbor and Approach Chart
HACHelp the Afghan Children
HACHawaii Air Cargo (Honolulu, HI)
HACHansard Association of Canada
HACHIDTA Assistance Center
HACHigh Availability Component
HACHierarchical Aglomerative Clustering (datamining)
HACHumanitarian Area Coordinator
HACHomeland Acquisition Corporation (Oklahoma City, OK)
HACHigh Accumulator (USAF SACCS 465L EDTCC SPE)
HACHot Athletic Chick
HACHudson Associates Consulting, Inc (Virginia Beach, VA)
HACHead Ally Cockroft (Australian-based consulting firm)
HACHawaii Advisory Committee (USCCR)
HACHousing Advice Centre (various locations)
HACHealth Access Coalition
HACHouston Area Council (American Business Women's Association; Texas)
HACHigh Availability Clustering (computing)
HACHome Affairs Committee (UK)
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This means that toxic acetaldehyde builds up in the body.
Humans counter the ill effects of acetaldehyde by secreting an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDH) that helps in the breakdown process.
So, when they drink, acetaldehyde builds up which causes a flushed complexion, and also leads to them feeling unwell.
It has been described that ethanol, acetaldehyde and metabolites of the nonoxidative pathway increase cytokine levels, promoting necroinflammation and stimulation of the stellate cells (Omary et al.
For example, Antonio Morata reported yeast strains that produced higher concentrations of acetaldehyde resulted in wines with increased vitisin B, (14) a compound that can play an important role in red wine color.
The oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde can occur in the brain through pathways that involve catalase, cytochrome CYP2E1, and ADH.
There was no difference in blood acetaldehyde levels, vital signs, or symptoms between patients who received metronidazole or placebo.
Measurements of acetaldehyde emissions from the glued-laminated timbers were subjected to the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) A1901 small chamber method (JIS 2009).
The result of this study indicate that an up to 25% reduction of sodium in UF cheese, achieved by partial replacement of NaCl with KCl, had similar quality to control cheese, as measured by the acetaldehyde, ethanol, diacetyle, acetoine and acetic acid, during aging of cheese.
Biochemistry and Pathophysiology of Alcohol Metabolism After administration, alcohol (ethanol) is metabolized to acetaldehyde by the enzymatic action of alcohol dehydrogenase with NAD+ as a coenzyme.
0 mL were transferred to 50 mL of Yeast extract Peptone Dextrose liquid medium (20 g peptone,20 g glucose and 10 g yeast extract dissolved per liter of distilled water) supplemented with 400 L benzaldehyde, one milliliter acetaldehyde and 10 mg/L ampicillin, then incubated at 30oC in a shaking incubator until the growth was visible.
Acetaldehyde the first metabolite of ethanol has the largest carcinogenic potency.