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Mobilization of body fat may lead to the formation of ketone bodies, such as acetoacetate, acetone, and BHBA, which can then be used for energy supply or milk fat synthesis [4,5].
Acetoacetate and 3-HIB were correlated and were elevated in both T1DM and T2DM women, whereas only 3-HIB was elevated in the IGT group.
Acetoacetate and [beta]-hydroxybutyrate as substances that are soluble in aqueous solutions are easily transported from the liver to peripheral tissues as they require no albumin or lipoprotein for this process [2].
A mixture of ethyl acetoacetate/4-chloroethyl acetoacetate (1, 1 mmol), aryl/hetro-aryl aldehyde (2, 1 mmol), hydroxylamine hydrochloride (3, 1 mmol), and 15 mol% of KI was stirred in distilled water (5 mL) at rt.
The acetoacetate functional oligomer, 510--400, makes the hardest film; it also has the lowest equivalent weight and the highest functionality.
The bromide 10 (23.0 g, prepared from 79 mmol of 7) was added to a stirred mixture of methyl acetoacetate (17.4 g, 150 mmol) and [K.sub.2]C[O.sub.3] (29.0 g, 210 mmol) in acetone (100 mL) and DMF (20 mL).
Acetoacetate decomposes to carbon dioxide and acetone, the smelly solvent best known for its ability to remove nail polish.
Ketone bodies, acetoacetate and acetone, increased 40% (p = 0.02) at 10 mg/kg and decreased 28% (p = 0.03) at 30 mg/kg with [alpha]-HBCD exposure.
Nilufar et al., "Acetoacetate protects neuronal cells from oxidative glutamate toxicity," Journal of Neuroscience Research, vol.
Metabolites: (1) LDL/VLDL, (2) isoleucine, (3) leucine, (4) valine, (5) 3-hydroxybutyrate, (6) lactate, (7) alanine, (8) lysine, (9) acetate, (10) acetone, (11) acetoacetate, (12) glutamate, (13) pyruvate, (14) succinate, (15) glutamine, (16) citrate, (17) N,N- dimethylglycine, (18) creatine, (19) choline, (20) O- phosphocholine, (21) betaine, (22) glycine, (23) glucose, (24) serine, (25) fumarate, (26) tyrosine, (27) T- methylhistidine, (28) phenylalanine, and (29) format.
[55] Citrate, glutamine, acetone, pyruvate, [beta]-hydroxyisobutyrate, acetoacetate, histidine, dimethylamine, and creatinine had a high diagnostic accuracy for the discrimination of AIH from PBC.