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The durations of the larval stadia in the acetone flower and acetone leaf extract treatments did not differ significantly from that of the control (18.
The initial shipment of some 1,600 metric tons from the Port of Jubail, sets a record also as the first shipment of acetone from the Middle East, SABIC said.
Kayan, in which SABIC holds a 35-percent stake, shipped 1,600 tonnes of acetone to India's markets, SABIC said in a statement.
CMAI predicts that the improvement in acetone demand, particularly for bisphenol A, will cause phenol producers to treat acetone more like a co-product than a by-product.
They also monitored radiation levels around the acetone chamber more precisely and longer than they had before.
To minimize solvents losses through recovery and recycling and to increase pulp yield, wheat straw can be cooked at 180[degrees]C, with an ethanol/(ethanol + acetone) ratio of 50%, a minimum (ethanol + acetone)/(ethanol + acetone + water) ratio of 35%, for 60 min.
We dissolved shellfish extracts in 2 mL acetone (100%), of which 1 mL was dried down and resuspended in a HEPES binding buffer (50 mM, pH 7.
The objective of our study, therefore, was to investigate breath acetone and plasma [beta]-HBA concentrations in a rat model of the KD that allows frequent blood sampling.
Acetone is a manufactured chemical, but it is also found naturally in the environment.
Black said his consulting firm has found methane everywhere, as well as high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide, a highly poisonous gas, and other volatile organic compounds, including benzene and acetone.