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ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHArkansas Children's Hospital (Little Rock, AR)
ACHAir Changes per Hour (ventilation)
ACHAssociation for Computers and the Humanities
ACHAdult Care Home
ACHAll Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg, FL)
ACHAdvanced Combat Helmet
ACHAcute Care Hospital (various locations)
ACHAccess Channel
ACHArmy Community Hospital
ACHAircraft Hangar (USAF bare base deployable aircraft shelter)
ACHAngeles Crest Highway (California SR2)
ACHArmada de Chile (Spanish: Chilean Navy)
ACHAdrenal Cortical Hormone
ACHAmerican College of Heraldry
ACHAutomated Charge
ACHAttempts per Circuit per Hour
ACHAssociation Coopération Humanitaire (French: Humanitarian Cooperation Association; est. 1992)
ACHAgent Charge (freight forwarding)
ACHAmerican Clearinghouse
ACHAbove Counter Height (construction blueprints)
ACHAssault Craft Helmet (Gentex)
ACHAntenna Selection Reference Signal Channel
ACHAdler-Coppersmith-Hasner (algorithm)
ACHACCS Common Hardware
ACHAverage Call Handle (time; call center metric)
ACHAlpha-Cellulose Hydrolysis
ACHAuckland City Hospital (New Zealand)
ACHAnything Can Happen (various meanings)
ACHAcademic Credit Hours
ACHAssociation of Children's Hospices (UK)
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Regarding neurotropic effects, in addition to that of acetylcholine (neurotropic effect; as was performed in this study), histamine (antiallergic effect) and possibly serotonin as neurotransmitter should be included.
Molecular characterisation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits from the cat flea, Ctenocephalides felis (Siphonaptera: Pulicidae).
Increased concentrations of acetylcholine lead to increased communication between nerve cells, which may in turn temporarily improve or stabilise the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease.
Since acetylcholinesterase remains inactivated by the nerve gas, the concentration of acetylcholine will keep increasing and will eventually overpower the protective effect of atropine.
Tacrine (Cognex)--This drug prevents acetylcholine both in the body and in the brain, which might help with earlier and mid-stage Alzheimer's patients.
Acetylcholine dominated Creative, open minded and impulsive.
KEY WORDS: acetylcholine, bivalve, larval age, metamorphosis, neuroactive compounds, postlarval survivorship, Ruditapes philippinarum, serotonin, short-neck clam
Acetylcholine is one of the brain's chemical messengers (neurotransmitters), and a shortage of acetylcholine is believed to be responsible for some of the cognitive and behavioral problems caused by Alzheimer's Disease.
In their seminal experiment, Furchgott and Zawadzki (2) found that strips of rabbit aorta with intact endothelium relaxed in response to acetylcholine but constricted in response to this same agonist when the endothelium had been rubbed off.
Estrogen may counteract the damage inflicted by Alzheimer's by performing several positive functions: increasing the amount of acetylcholine in the brain, enhancing the brain's antioxidant properties and increasing nerve cell growth.
For example, in Alzheimer's disease memory problems are thought to stem in part from low levels of a substance known as acetylcholine, one of the neurotransmitters responsible for helping to conduct signals between nerves.
EnVivo has demonstrated that EVP-6124 is a potent and highly selective agonist of alpha-7 neuronal nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) in the brain and that treatment with EVP-6124, both alone and in combination with donepezil, restored memory loss and improved memory function in preclinical models.