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ACKNOWLEDGEAcquisition of Knowledge
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Wilson soon arrived, and, indisposed for business as I was at that moment, and little as I cared for the field or its owner, I forced my attention to the matter in hand, with very creditable determination, and quickly concluded the bargain - perhaps more to the thrifty farmer's satisfaction than he cared to acknowledge.
If you could contrive to deliver this (giving her a paper from his pocket), I shall for ever acknowledge your goodness.
They were interrupted by the entrance of Margaret; and Elinor was then at liberty to think over the representations of her mother, to acknowledge the probability of many, and hope for the justice of all.
You fear to acknowledge that your correspondent his deceived you?
Although I attach no sort of credit to the fantastic Indian legend of the gem, I must acknowledge, before I conclude, that I am influenced by a certain superstition of my own in this matter.
If they discern any evidences of wrong- going in any direction that I have indicated, they will acknowledge that I had reason in what I wrote.
But there is no need of any witness, said Polemarchus, for Thrasymachus himself acknowledges that rulers may sometimes command what is not for their own interest, and that for subjects to obey them is justice.
We are planning to make it an annual feature which will eventually be turned into a 'Rice Conference' providing a platform not only to acknowledge buyers but also to discuss future trends and new technologies in the rice sector," he added.
Huma said China also responded to the statement of Donald Trump alleging Pakistan for having safe havens of militant groups by urging the international community to acknowledge the role of Pakistan against terrorism.
Instead of acknowledging and learning to worry better, as Lewis Thomas advises, we should acknowledge God's love for us and learn better to trust in Him, as Jesus advises.
Arbour and Blackburn tell us something quite different: "It is a huge undertaking for gay and lesbian youth to acknowledge who they are (my emphasis), understand what this entails, see themselves as worthy human beings, and determine when they are ready to come out to family or close friends.
The absence of reliable global data makes it difficult for governments and international bodies to fight trafficking effectively, especially as some countries of destination acknowledge the level of trafficking within and across their borders.