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In introducing the motion, Ms Hutchins said that the Acknowledgement of Country reflected a commitment to developing a genuine partnership with Aboriginal Victorians in protecting and preserving their rich history.
The acknowledgement letter is also an opportunity to detect any scanning errors.
Automatic alarm acknowledgement - Operators now have the ability to automatically acknowledge alarms when viewing an alarm clip.
An MOEA official revealed that delegates from both sides have switched the focus of the talk for the agreement from mutual acknowledgement of the results of clinic tests for new medicines to mutual acknowledgement of health-food certification, which involved lower safety requirement.
Doyle explained that mid-level donors should still receive some special treatment, but organizations that must preserve their net income should re-evaluate their acknowledgement strategies and determine what level of investment makes sense.
IOSCO's acknowledgement marks a major milestone in strengthening CBB's regulatory, supervisory and enforcement efforts in the kingdom's capital market," added Mr Thamer.
For other vehicles, with a claimed value of higher than $500, which are not actually sold but where a false acknowledgement is issued by the donee charity, the penalty is the higher of (1) the product of the highest current individual tax rate (35%) times the claimed value or (2) $5000.
31, 2005, O must provide an acknowledgement to A, containing A's name and taxpayer identification number (TIN), the vehicle identification number (VIN), a statement that the date of the contribution was Oct.
Unfortunately, many good Americans who want to protect the acknowledgement of God in the public square are still unfamiliar with, or don't fully comprehend the reach and power of, Congress' Art.
An on-screen acknowledgement confirms the registration process.
The online system used to collect employee acknowledgement forms streamlined and sped up the process, while reinforcing the organization's focus on adopting more technological solutions.
In addition, Altiris received an 'ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Winner' recognition as well as 'Preferred Product' acknowledgement for six additional categories including 'Patch Management,' 'Software Packaging' and 'Drive Imaging,' among others.