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Funding acknowledgements for the German research foundation (Dfg): the dirty data of the Web of Science database and how to clean it up.
- Transparency in audit-trail documentation through automatic tracking of notification, acknowledgement.
This acknowledgement must be received within three months from the date of the share sale agreement, or such longer period as may be agreed between the parties.
Giannoni's (2002) study on the acknowledgement texts written by English and Italian students revealed the socio-rhetorical and cultural generic variations such as generic staging and authorial responsibility that shape the writers' rhetorical preferences.
• Partner Sponsor $1,000: Half page Ad; Acknowledgement at Event
Source initiates the S-ACK Mode as it did not get acknowledgement. S-ACK data packet and acknowledgement transmission is carried out by router.
I wrote to the General Secretary of the party and had no reply, so I wrote to the Chief Whip and again had no acknowledgement. I wrote back to the commission who advised that all I could do was keep trying and that once the MP has been elected, he or she can do little or as much as they wanted.
The court ruled that under Massachusetts law the defect in the acknowledgement was not cured by the subsequently recorded affidavit.
Previous work on acknowledgement tokens or continuers in English and other languages demonstrated systematic functions in interaction (Jefferson 1984; Zimmerman 1993; Gardner 1998; 2001; Sorjonen 2001; Stivers 2004; Golato and Fagyal 2006; 2008 Sohail 2010).
"Farmers who have submitted their forms early will have already received their acknowledgement as receipts are usually sent within 10 days of submission.
Similar to customer acknowledgement, when ICC/DS field reps reached the counter, they were greeted 90 percent of the time.
It will be an acknowledgement that Fine Gael are the largest party in the country.