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One was the acoustic conditions under which serial recall was tested: participants received three conditions initially; changing state, steady state, and quiet (12 trials in each), during which a serial recall task was performed.
Salud vocal de docentes universitarios y condiciones acusticas en una universidad publica en Bogota [Vocal health of university teachers and acoustic conditions in a public university in Bogota].
The result is played back in the Soundlab, a small room with speakers arranged at specific points on the floor and ceilings, to accurately simulate acoustic conditions.
Peachey says that the system could also be used to save time on development of model variations where the different air space creates different acoustic conditions.
Absorbers and diffusers are two of the primary design elements for changing acoustic conditions in rooms, partially enclosed spaces, and outdoors.
The latest version of the software includes new tools that simplify filter designs for realistic acoustic conditions.
Graph 6 shows the effect of gas velocity for different acoustic conditions.
In response to the difficult acoustic conditions of the site, with trains rattling across Hungerford Bridge to and from Charing Cross, the idea emerged of the building as 'egg in box'.
The system is provided with special audio sampling equipment that improves the clarity of the automated voice messages, taking into account the terminal's acoustic conditions.
The acoustic conditions are good and the church spacious, so just turn up and pay at the door.
The distinctive curved steel roof is practical as well as decorative - and creates superb acoustic conditions for the Music Education Centre, Music Resource Centre and rehearsal spaces inside.
After the system was exposed to a variety of voices and acoustic conditions, however, it improved dramatically.