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Caption: Figure 8: Probability distributions of the minimum Euclidean distances among the template sets and human falls and nonfalls in noisy acoustic condition.
There are other softwares used for simulations of acoustic conditions of an interior.
The following were the main proposals: gradually changing the kitchen and laundry appliances as they were both noisy and old, for more up to date equipment, changing daily routines principally in the lunchroom, changing practices in the use of the televisions and other devices in relation to their volume settings and improving the acoustic conditions of the floors, windows, walls and furniture.
For the purpose of reproducing the acoustic conditions present in the work environment subject to analysis on an experimental set-up under laboratory conditions, the auditory danger signal and ambient noise were registered at a location potentially occupied by workers in the industrial hall.
The result is played back in the Soundlab, a small room with speakers arranged at specific points on the floor and ceilings, to accurately simulate acoustic conditions. Arup calls the process an "auralisation".
"We call it the Cretaceous acoustic effect, because ocean acidification forced by global warming appears to be leading us back to the similar ocean acoustic conditions as those that existed 110 million years ago, during the Age of Dinosaurs," explained Rhode Island acoustician David G.
Changing vegetation means changing acoustic conditions.
of Akron) assemble nine chapters aimed at helping audiologists, speech-language pathologists, parents, and teachers understand the acoustic conditions, therapies, and technologies that can make speech audible, undistorted, and accessible to children who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Taking consideration of the particular acoustic conditions of the BMW 3 Series, Harman/Kardon installed seven 100 mm ALumaprene midrange speakers on the dashboard as well as in the front and rear area.
The automatic control and calibration functionality provided by the GLM software with the Genelec AutoCal algorithm, allow for precise matching of the loudspeaker system to different acoustic conditions with just a few mouse clicks.
* The concrete superstructure, building systems, and shaping of the rooms create optimal acoustic conditions for rehearsal, performance, recording, and instruction.