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Predictors of hearing preservation after stereotactic radiosurgery for acoustic neuroma. J Neurosurg 2009;111:863-73.
The Oxford American Handbook of Otolaryngology defines the audiological/otoneurological essentials of acoustic neuroma diagnosis as asymmetric, progressive sensorineural high frequency hearing loss, tinnitus, disequilibrium or vertigo episodes [22].
Most of those epidermoids cases were below 40 years and those of acoustic neuroma and meningioma were above 40 years.
Hearing preservation in acoustic neuroma surgery: Importance of adhesion between the cochlear nerve and the tumor.
* Acoustic neuroma. In addition to vertigo, acoustic neuroma is often associated with gradual hearing loss, tinnitus, and facial numbness (from compression of cranial nerve V preoperatively) or facial weakness (from compression of cranial nerve VII postoperatively).
Key words: Acoustic neuroma Magnetic resonance imaging Cerebellopontine angle.
We have treated cases including Glomus Jugulare, pituitary micro and macro adenomas, acoustic neuroma, schwanoma, Meningioma, metastasis, arteriovenous malformation, brain stem Glioma and recurrent GBM, Cavernous neuroma, pilocytic astrocytoma giant cell tumor etc.
Patient diagnoses discussed will include cervical dizziness, atypical BPPV, anxiety, migraine, acoustic neuroma, superior canal dehiscence, conversion disorder and Mal de Debarquement.
Four years ago, my mother had a tumor, an acoustic neuroma.