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ACQAsthma Control Questionnaire
ACQAlkaline Copper Quaternary
ACQAcquiescence (IRB)
ACQAll Call Query
ACQAmmoniacal Copper Quaternary (wood preservative)
ACQAnnual Compliance Questionnaire (various companies)
ACQAmélioration Continue de la Qualité (French: Continuous Improvement of Quality)
ACQAgoraphobic Cognitions Questionnaire
ACQAircraft Quality
ACQAged Care Queensland
ACQAssociation des Consommateurs du Québec (Canada)
ACQAssociation des Clowns du Québec (French: Quebec Clown Association; Canada)
ACQAcademic Call to Quarters (US Air Force Academy)
ACQAfternoon Call to Quarters (military)
ACQAll Courses and Quadrants (aviation)
ACQAppraisal Cost of Quality
ACQAcquisition Qualifier
ACQagreed contractual quantity
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At last came the closing arguments: the prosecution repeated the terms of the indictment, the defense lawyer pled for acquittal, the jurors and the accused were given one last chance to intervene, and the presiding magistrate declared the session closed.
AFTER the acquittal of BNP leader Nick Griffin and his co-defendant Mark Collett, Gordon Brown immediately advocated a change in the law to stop them stirring up racial hatred.
A Russian told O'Malley that prosecutors often appeal and re-appeal an acquittal "until they get what they want.
This Act allows for the Court of Appeal to set aside an acquittal where there is new and compelling evidence.
The Los Angeles trial had resulted in acquittal of co-defendant Faiz ``Tony'' Munassar.
2) Some note that the plea eliminates any risk of acquittal at trial: "I know there are people out there who do far worse and get off for their crimes.
He said the court had given a verdict about acquittal of the 25 convicted persons in the Mashal murder case in their absence, which was unilateral and not meeting the legal requirements in the case.
ODPP will appeal acquittal of some of the NYS officials charged with various procurement offences in relation to the irregular award.
Soon after a two-judge SHC bench accepted the FIA's appeal against his acquittal by a session court in the case pertaining to the illegal transfer of Rs170.
The Supreme Court had earlier this month directed the SHC and the Islamabad High Court hearing the Axact fake degree cases to wrap up the appeals against the acquittal of suspects in a matter of weeks.
BEIRUT: After two days of unsatisfactory oral submissions on the possible acquittal of Hassan Oneissi at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, Trial Chamber President Judge David Re requested Thursday that both defense and prosecution teams provide written submissions.
Later, the complainant Asadullah challenged the accused's acquittal in the apex court.