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ACRESAustralian Centre for Remote Sensing
ACRESAudubon Center for Research of Endangered Species
ACRESAmplification Created Restriction Enzyme Site
ACRESAmerican Civil Rights Education Services
ACRESAssociation Canadienne pour la Recherche en Economie de la Santé (Canadian Health Economics Research Association)
ACRESAcademic Curriculum Review and Evaluation System (community colleges, Phoenix, AZ)
ACRESAnderson Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc. (Plano, TX)
ACRESAirborne Communication Relay Station
ACRESASET Cumulative Reporting System
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My grandfather bought sixteen hundred of the best acres around here for fifteen hundred dollars--five hundred down an' the balance in five years without interest.
Because they could get more out of twenty acres than we could out of a hundred an' sixty.
I was up home; an old man up there has sown wheat too, about an acre of it.
And if there's a good crop you shall have half a rouble for every acre."
Suppose the government sells you Pari-Sulay at a pound an acre; clearing will cost you at least four pounds more; that is, five pounds for four hundred acres, or, say, ten thousand dollars.
The old wood-road led him to a clearing, where a dozen acres of grapes grew on wine-red soil.
A matter of one hundred and eighty acres, though it seemed much larger.
Haska--a dim legendary figure of a generation ago, who went back up the mountain and cleared six acres of brush in the tiny valley that took his name.
We put in a little iron pump, one of the first turned out by my works near the capital; we bored into a stone reservoir which stood against the outer wall of the well-chamber and inserted a section of lead pipe that was long enough to reach to the door of the chapel and project beyond the threshold, where the gushing water would be visible to the two hundred and fifty acres of people I was intending should be present on the flat plain in front of this little holy hillock at the proper time.
You should have seen those acres of people throw themselves down in that water and kiss it; kiss it, and pet it, and fondle it, and talk to it as if it were alive, and welcome it back with the dear names they gave their darlings, just as if it had been a friend who was long gone away and lost, and was come home again.
With five thousand you can buy a pretty little house with two acres of land; the remaining twenty thousand will bring you in a thousand francs a year."
But here were two acres and a half of furrows, and only a hoe for cart and two hands to draw it -- there being an aversion to other carts and horses -- and chip dirt far away.