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ACRIDAlberta Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf
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His nose went up in the air and quested to windward along the wind that brought the message, and he read the air with his nose as a man might read a newspaper--the salt smells of the seashore and of the dank muck of mangrove swamps at low tide, the spicy fragrances of tropic vegetation, and the faint, most faint, acrid tingle of smoke from smudgy fires.
The taste of the salt was strong in my mouth, and I was strangling with the acrid stuff in my throat and lungs.
While the latter expression was yet on his lips, he caught a glimpse of Hepzibah, who had involuntarily bent forward to the window; and then the smile changed from acrid and disagreeable to the sunniest complacency and benevolence.
In Numa's estimation man was a slow-witted, slow-footed creature which commanded no respect unless accompanied by the acrid odor which spelled to the monarch's sensitive nostrils the great noise and the blinding flash of an express rifle.
The decanter of sherry was on the table half full, but there was a queer, acrid smell about.
There was an awful smell that was coming through the window and into my room, a sort of acrid smell like burning rubber.
Acrid smoke belched out over nearby homes and businesses.
The fire broke out in the basement and maintenance staff helped the fire brigade limit the fire but acrid smoke began to fill the upper floors of the building.
Watch manager Kevin Kilgarriff said: "We were met with thick, black, acrid smoke billowing out of the main door.
Tekla Middle East, a leading building information modeling (BIM) firm, has joined forces with UAE-based IT solutions provider Acrid International towards installing BIM solutions to cut construction costs.
The only Christmas film that had ever given him pleasure was, he fondly remembered, vicious, uncompromising and acrid.