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Biomarker Reference(s) MDA AD (11, 43) ALS (43) Asthma (42) Atherosclerosis (3, 40) Cutaneous leishmaniasis (176) Diabetes mellitus (39) Preeclampsia (41) HNE AD (5, 50, 51, 53) Atherosclerosis (3) Cardiovascular disease (57) COPD (59, 60) Mild cognitive impairment (53) PD (56) Acrolein Atherosclerosis (58) Cardiovascular disease (57) Mild cognitive impairment (53) [F.
In the present study, we observed that acrolein induced p53-mediated cellular senescence accompanied by accelerated telomere shortening and enhanced WRN protein degradation in vitro.
Key Acrolein Industry Manufacturers of China discussed in this research include Jinghong, Jingzhong, Xinglu, Ruiji, Shenghuade, Xinjing, Huachen, Youji and Rongze.
The run time effect is smallest for methanol and greatest for formaldehyde and acrolein (Table 2).
The research results represent the first concrete laboratory evidence for a link between acrolein (pronounced a-KRO-le-an) and multiple sclerosis, he said.
For purposes of the MACT rules, methanol, phenol, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, propionaldehyde, and acrolein are considered surrogates for all HAPs from wood dryers and presses.
The metabolism of CTX in the body produces highly reactive electrophiles and the decreased value of GSH in CTX treated group is probably due to the electrophilic burden on the cells and also due to the formation of acrolein, which is known to deplete GSH content and DNA alkylation (McDiarmid et al.
3], formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, benzo[a]pyrene, TVOCs, and PM10) to include acetaldehyde, acrolein, 1,3-butadiene, chloroform, naphthalene, dichlorobenzene, [PM.
Acrolein and propionaldehyde were present in very low concentrations in most samples, less than 2 ppm for acrolein and less than 0.
Shi's research focuses on discovering the effective dosage levels to combat acrolein.
Reagents II-63 Polymer Gels II-63 Raw Materials - An Overview II-63 Biocides II-63 Oxidizing Biocides II-63 Chlorine (Cl2) II-63 Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) II-63 Chloramines II-64 Bromine (Br2) II-64 Non-Oxidizing Biocides II-64 Aldehydes II-64 Glutaraldehyde II-64 Acrolein II-64 Amines II-65 Amine-Type Compounds II-65 Amine and Diamine Biocides II-65 Halogenated Compounds II-65 Sulfur Compounds II-65 Carbamates II-65 Metronidazole II-65 Quaternary Phosphonium Salts II-65 Calcium Chloride II-66 Calcium Hydroxide II-66 Calcium Sulfate II-66 Calcium Carbonate II-66 Tannin II-66 Phosphate Salts II-66 Lignite II-67
Thus, highly electrophilic type-2 alkenes such as acrolein (Table 1) rapidly form adducts with protein sulfhydryl thiolate groups at systemic sites of absorption.