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ACT UPAIDS Coalition to Unleash Power
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ACT UP immediately laid out an agenda to address the group's central goal: "drugs into bodies.
In the politically minded street theater of ACT UP in the late 1980s, the audience is no longer called to just bear witness but to also take action and be ashamed of their sins, a la Polonius, or force the powers that be to respond, a la Hieronimo's assault on the Spanish monarchy.
I c an't think of another anthology, however useful for information, especially for educational texts, that has the feel of art, as does From Act Up to the WTO.
While ACT UP had always been attentive to issues of racism and poverty--working, for example, to diversify clinical drug trials and forcing homelessness and intravenous drug use onto the AIDS agenda--it has now rededicated itself to these causes, both in local and global contexts, and is part of an international antiglobalization alliance that concentrates on access to healthcare.
When the story is told it begins like this: ACT UP grew out of a question posed by playwright Larry Kramer to a crowded room at New York's Gay and Lesbian Community Center one night in 1987.
EVen bureaucrats who complain about the militant tactics of groups like ACT UP now give activists the lion's share of credit for the creation and adoption of these innovative programs.
Up until then, we were still having a dialogue with the whole membership of ACT UP.
Most obviously, AIDS has cut a broad swath through major urban art communities, decimating the ranks of high-profile gay artists (at least one of whom, Keith Haring, set an artistic precedent for ACT UP as an underground graffitist).
James Wentzy's documentary, Fight Back, Fight AIDS, evoked ACT UP's lost heyday, while Louise Hogarth's The Gift examined today's horrifying ACT UP antithesis, barebacking and bug chasing.
From the very first ACT up demonstration in New York to the triumphal storming of the FDA headquarters outside Washington, DC, he deployed his art in the battle against AIDS.
There are many other problems inherent in the agency's approval process that the new regulations do not address, and ACT UP argues that "the F.