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ACTINAlternative Crops Technology Interaction Network (UK)
ACTINAcquis Communautaire Training Initiative (postal integration program, European Union)
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Difference in these signals play an important role in actin polymerization and regulation of genes for protein synthesis in the cells (8).
Understanding the molecular deficiencies of actin variants is a starting point for figuring out the underlying mechanisms of heart diseases, he said.
2+], gelsolin severs and caps polymeric actin filaments (F-actin) (21): after binding of domain G1 and partly domain G2 to the actin filament (F-actin), gelsolin rapidly severs F-actin and then remains bound to the barbed end of one of the newly formed filaments, forming a stable cap, thus inhibiting addition of further monomers.
The aldolase grooves (between the A&D and B&C subunits) comprised positively charged residues (Lys's 341,348, 13,347, 27 and Arg 293) that are critical to binding with the negatively charged amino terminus of actin (residues Asp 1,2, 3 and Glu 4) and other exposed patches of actin subdomain 1 (Asp's 24, 25, 99, 100, 364).
2] chrysotile, the levels of p53 phosphorylated at Ser15 and p53 protein increased after 18 hr, whereas actin levels were not changed after 3-24 hr exposures (Figure 2).
Increases in intracellular calcium levels can result in the depolymerization of actin by villin (a calcium-dependent microvillus protein) and a breakdown of the host cytoskeleton not unlike that seen in EPEC-infected cells (24).
The viruses assemble these tails from intracellular actin filaments.
Energid Technologies Corporation has released a version of their advanced control and simulation software, Actin, targeted for Schunk's modular robotic arms.
Produced in the main body of the neuron, he explains, they clog the cell and form a plug at the beginning of the axon that slows or blocks structural proteins such as actin and tubulin from moving down the nerve fiber.
Actin will be responsible for coordinating the motion of multiple robots, each with many moving parts.
Then, in the March 17 NATURE, a group of scientists reported seeing the squiggling motion of actin filaments.
At the four week timepoint, the grafted human cardiomyocytes were identified using characteristic markers including sarcomeric actin, alpha and beta-myosin heavy chain, and myosin light chain 2v.