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ÅÅngstrøm (unit of length)
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The concentrated activity which had begun at the Emperor's headquarters in the morning and had started the whole movement that followed was like the first movement of the main wheel of a large tower clock.
When Alexey Alexandrovitch with Lidia Ivanovna's help had been brought back anew to life and activity, he felt it his duty to undertake the education of the son left on his hands.
This they enclosed with palisades; and in respect of energy and activity, it might have been mistaken for one of the great cities of the Union.
In Winesburg the hands had attracted attention merely because of their activity.
He felt that there must be a reason for their strange activity and their inclination to keep hidden away and only a growing respect for Wing Biddlebaum kept him from blurting out the questions that were often in his mind.
Introduce ALL New Terms In Writing It is important that students can read every new term that is introduced in a lesson or activity.
An architecture model--and more important, a mindset--that relies too much on organizational form could very easily result in an activity node tree with major branches built around each mission function and with duplicate lower-level branches.
Arizona: Delivery by private vehicle or by any other method or carrier is an explicitly protected activity under P.
The intentional teaching of this activity took place as the family camp director gave the families statistics about people who don't have food to eat and measurements about how little food people in different parts of the world have to eat.
The redesign of the experience allowed the teacher candidates to still gain a valuable experience with students and receive feedback from elementary students about the reading activity which they had designed.
2) While most extant theories at that time focused primarily on criminals and their motivations and environment, the routine activity theory simplified concepts generally taken for granted by criminologists; it took the focus away from the criminal and redirected it toward the criminal act.
Herm Hellerstein at Cleveland Clinic challenged his cardiology colleagues to encourage heart patients to get out of bed and resume activity as soon as possible, cardiac rehabilitation became synonymous with exercise.
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