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APRAnnual Percentage Rate
APRAgency Procurement Request
APRAnnual Performance Report
APRAsia Pacific Region (IEEE)
APRApache Portable Runtime
APRApproach (aviation)
APRAnnual Progress Report
APRAcquisition(s) Procurement Request
APRAccountability Progress Reporting
APRAccreditation in Public Relations
APRAlaska and Polar Regions
APRAlain Pinel Realtors (California)
APRAmerican Poetry Review
APRAdvanced Port Replicator (portable computer dock)
APRacademic progress rate (education)
APRApple Premium Reseller (various locations; Apple Inc.)
APRAbout Public Relations
APRAdvisory Panel on Research
APRAcute Phase Response
APRAir Purifying Respirator(s)
APRAdvanced Pain Relief
APRAfrican Peer Review
APRAbsolute Priority Rule (bankruptcy)
APRAcademic Program Review (various schools)
APRAlpha Pup Records (Los Angeles, CA)
APRAutomated Packet Recognition
APRAnnual Project Report
APRAddress Page Register
APRAccess Point Roaming
APRAdvanced Password Recovery
APRAirport Representative (hotel industry)
APRAll Printing Resources (Glendale Heights, IL)
APRAmerican Politics Research
APRApplied Plant Research (Netherlands)
APRArrêt pour Rechargement (French: Stop for Recharging)
APRAmerican Public Radio
APRAssociation of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers (Arlington, VA)
APRAlternative Press Review
APRAgricultural Preservation Restriction
APRAutomatic Picture Replacement (computer graphics)
APRAcademic Performance Rate
APRAnnual Program Review
APRAnnual Product Review
APRAqueous-Phase Reforming (hydrogen generation)
APRArbeitsgemeinschaft Privater Rundfunk
APRARP Poison Routing (network security)
APRAutumn Performance Report (UK government)
APRAutomatic Power Reduction
APRAdult Plant Resistance
APRAmmonium Perrhenate
APRAutomated Password Reset
APRAtlassian Plugin Repository (software)
APRAbove Prime Rate
APRAutomatic Power Reserve
APRAssign Primary Zone Routing (US DoD)
APRArea of Primary Responsibility
APRArtists' Papers Register (UK)
APRAutomatisms with Preserved Responsiveness
APRAppareil de Protection Respiratoire (French)
APRAudi Performance and Racing
APRAssociation de Prospective Rhénane (French development network)
APRActions Préparatoires au Recrutement (French: Preparatory Action in Recruitment)
APRAlternate Path Retry
APRArbeitsdatei PIOS Rauschgift
APRAll Positive Rap (hip hop group)
APRApolipoprotein Receptor
APRAirborne Profile Recorder
APRAirman Performance Report (USAF)
APRAsia Pacific Rainbow (Coalition of Asia Pacific Regional Networks on HIV/AIDS)
APRAnatomical Programmed Radiography
APRAcoustic Pulse Reflectometry
APRAutomatic Pressure Relief
APRAppian Publications and Recordings (UK)
APRAlarm Processing Remote
APRAdjusted Pitching Runs (arcane baseball statistic)
APRAssociation of Petroleum Re-Refiners
APRAcoustic Paramagnetic Resonance
APRAttending Physician's Report (insurance)
APRAshland Park-Robbins (school)
APRAnalyse et Programmation (French)
APRAnalyse Préliminaire de Risque (French)
APRAdaptive Power Residue
APRActive Position Return
APRAudit and Program Review
APRAccredited, Public Relations Society of America
APRAberdeen Pulsed Reactor Facility
APRAbdominoperitoneal Resection
APRAutomated Product Request
APRApproval and Procurement Record
APRAdaptive Plot Refinement
APRAssembly Planning Review
APRAdvance Production Release
APRAgricultural Plastics Recycle
APRAcoustic Product Request
APRAtelier Publieke Ruimte (Dutch: Public Space Workshop; Belgium)
APRAcquisition Planning Records
APRAsociación del Padre Responsable (Guatemala parental support group)
APRAccident-Potential Recognition
APRArchives du Palais Royal (French: Royal Palace Archives; Belgium)
APRAnalog Program Register
APRAsynchronous Persistent Repetition
APRAntenna Pedestal Reflector
APRAdditional Permissive Re-Export (trade)
APRAmmunition Performance Report
APRAtomic Power Robot (Earthbound game)
APRAvenir Pongiste de Roubaix (French ping-pong group)
APRAudiovisual Production Requirements
APRAutomatic Parts Remover
APRAssociation Poker Redonnais (French poker association)
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This rise could be due to dialysis membrane, which could have induced an acute phase response. Similar results were noted by Haag et al [10] who found granulocyte activation during haemodialysis, which in the absence of complement activation seemed to be mediated by calcium ions.
Acute phase response of serum amyloid A protein and C reactive protein to the common cold and influenza.
To study whether intraperitoneal injection of macrophages induces an acute phase response in mice, BMM and J774 cells were prepared as described above, except that [sup.3]H-cholesterol was omitted from the media during the cholesterol loading step.
Serum sialic acid is one of the markers for acute phase response.7 Sialic acid is a terminal component of the non-reducing end of carbohydrate chains of glycoproteins and glycolipids.8 Elevated total serum sialic acid concentration is a risk factor for cardiovascular mortality in humans.9,10 Increased total serum sialic acid leads to increased excretion of sialic acid in urine of the patient presented with high urinary microalbumin.11 It has been reported earlier that total serum sialic acid concentration increase in type 2 diabetes mellitus.12,13
In this study, we aimed to investigate whether cellular immune response and acute phase response in patients with first episode psychosis were different from those in healthy control subjects.
Acute phase response to single and repeated bouts concurrent resistance and endurance exercise.
(11) In FMF there exists a mutation in the pyrin gene of neutrophils which leads to a constitutively active acute phase response followed by increased production of neutrophils and an increased acute phase protein response.
However, low values of total proteins (4.5 and 6.0g/dL), albumin (1.9 and 2.7g/dL), serum iron (19.0 and 29.0 [varies]/dL) and transferrin (108.0 and 158.0mg/dL), with elevated levels of alpha-1-glycoprotein (2.1 and 1.8g/L) and C-reactive protein (155.7 and 56.4mg/L), confirmed an acute phase response (15).
Inhibiting the ubiquitous cytokine IL-6, which drives the acute phase response among other effects, may offer an additional way of achieving disease control, he said.
(2) The acute phase response is characterised by a decrease in serum iron (Fe), zinc (Zn) and selenium (Se), as well as an increase in serum copper (Cu).
It could be concluded that the higher serum levels of IgG, IgM, C1-INH and C3 activator in SCA patients with osteomyelitis coupled with the strong positive correlation found between the traditional markers of infection (elevated ESR and leukocytosis) and IgM, C1-INH and C3 activator reinforces their being classed as acute phase response markers.
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