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ADPAdenosine diphosphate
ADPAutomatic/Automated Data Processing/Processor
ADPAutomatic Data Processing system
ADPAndorra Peseta (ISO currency code, Andorra)
ADPAccidental Damage Protection
ADPAssistive Devices Program (Ontario, Canada)
ADPActual Deferral Percentage (nondiscrimination test used with SAR-SEP plans)
ADPActual Deferral Percentage Test
ADPAcoustic Doppler Profiler
ADPAdministrative Data Processing
ADPAverage Daily Participation (education)
ADPAdvanced Data Processing
ADPAdditional Dealer Profit
ADPAcyclic Dependencies Principle
ADPAction à Dividende Prioritaire
ADPAmici Dei Popoli
ADPAcceptance Data Package
ADPAOLserver Dynamic Pages
ADPAstrophysics Data Program
ADPAHERA Designated Person
ADPAcoustic Data Processor
ADPApparatus Dew Point
ADPAuger Depth Profiling
ADPAir Deployment Platform
ADPAir Data Probe
ADPAlternative Discipline Program
ADPAsociación Pro-Agua del Pueblo (Township Pro-Water Association, Guatemala)
ADPAlternative Disposition Plan
ADPAdoptivus (Latin: Adopted, manuscripts and codices)
ADPApplication Distribution Protocol
ADPActive Distribution Panel
ADPAcquisition Data Processor
ADPAnswerer Detection Pattern
ADPAtmospheric Downstream Plasma Etching
ADPAuxiliary Detection Processor (military radar)
ADPAdvanced Deployability Posture (STADEPS)
ADPAspect Data Processor
ADPAutomatic Deletion Procedure
ADPAutorisierter DocuWare Partner
ADPAssociation pour le Développement de la Podologie
ADPAdvanced Detection Processor
ADPAlternativa Democrática del Pueblo (Democratic Township Alternative - political movement, Guatemala)
ADPAlianza Progresista Democrática (Spanish: Progressive Democratic Alliance, Equatorial Guinea)
ADPAdaptive Doppler Processing
ADPAllied Defense Publication
ADPAtmospheric Downstream Plasma Eching
ADPAdvanced Development Proposal
ADPATO Dissemination Package
ADPAsynchronous Data Push
ADPAMRAAM Digital Processor
ADPAngle Deception Protection
ADPAsesoria Diseño y Programación (Spanish: Advisory Design & Programming; Guatemala)
ADPArgentine Documentation Project
ADPAntenna Digital Positioner
ADPAdvanced Development Phase
ADPAttitude Determination and Prediction
ADPAfghan Development Program
ADPApplication Development Platform
ADPAlpha Delta Pi (sorority)
ADPAmerican Doll Posse (Tori Amos song)
ADPAlgorithmes Distribués et Protocoles (French: Distributed Algorithms and Protocols)
ADPAutomated Data Processing (NASA)
ADPAdaptive Digital Predistortion
ADPAlliance of Divorce Professionals
ADPAutomated Defect Prevention (software development)
ADPAssociation Dentaire de Provence (French: Dental Association of Provence)
ADPAssociation des Directeurs de Production (French: Production Managers Association)
ADPApproved Degree Program
ADPAbu Dhabi Police (United Arab Emirates)
ADPAnxiety Disorders Program (various locations)
ADPApproved Development Programme (UK)
ADPAnnual Development Plan
ADPAdvanced Development Plan
ADPAutomatic Document Processing
ADPAirport Development Program
ADPAbcar-Dic Process (French food industry supplier)
ADPAudience Development Plan
ADPArchitecture Development Process
ADPAutomatic Data Processing, Inc.
ADPAeroports de Paris
ADPAdvanced Development Program
ADPAir Defense Plan (military)
ADPAlcohol and Drug Program
ADPAmerican Dental Plan
ADPAmmonium Dihydrogen Phosphate
ADPAmerican Democracy Project (American Association of State Colleges and Universities)
ADPAgricultural Development Program
ADPAnguilla Democratic Party
ADPAsset Development Project
ADPAssociation of Directory Publishers (est. 1898; Traverse City, MI)
ADPAnti-Discriminatory Practice
ADPAir Defense Position
ADPAfrican Democratic Party
ADPAmerican Depositary Receipt
ADPAlliance for Democracy and Progress (Central African Republic)
ADPAlliance for Digital Progress
ADPAcheson Doyle Partners (architecture firm; New York)
ADPApparel Design and Production (various schools)
ADPArea Denial to Personnel
ADPAbuse Disclosure Project (Minnesota)
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has productive and meaningful conversations about being adaptive - Shared Language
Drawing upon their experience on over 25 significant adaptive re-use projects, Poskanzer Skott advises that cost savings are found differently in each one.
As you sit at the control room for this adaptive optics system at the telescope night after night after night, it gets to become routine," says Acton.
The other two systems behave similar to zone 1, with the superior performance of adaptive reset obvious.
Once persons have been assessed as having the potential for safe driving, they are ready for adaptive driver training.
The PLX Adaptive Switch Fabric Architecture was designed specifically for edge-access communication systems which continually require bandwidth enhancements and inputs from multiple sources such as voice, data, video and wireless.
In their research of 27 visually impaired men and women employed in diverse occupations and using adaptive devices to perform the duties of their respective jobs, Liebman and Ryder (1987) report that all of their subjects stated that they could not work up to maximum potential without their adaptive devices.
Today, there are two national organizations that are active in establishing performance standards on adaptive driving equipment.
Use detailed case studies to explore recent adaptive trial implementations, identify the companies pioneering and supporting innovative designs and understand the most effective planning and logistics strategies.
The notion of using a laser beacon together with an adaptive optics system originated in the early 1980s.