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"Computer Adaptive Control of a Machine Tool", Annals of the CIRP, 16: 61-65.
Since being named the fastest growing privately owned company in Charlotte, NC in 2012, Adaptive Health has expanded from 35 employees to over 250 employees across four locations nationwide.
A: "Thorough evaluation of risk and changes associated with a complex adaptive design require a lot of investment in terms of time and resources.
Adaptive technology enables exit signs to adjust the direction of their arrows in real time according to the location and characteristics of an evolving hazard.
Microsoft built a lab at its Redmond campus to accommodate the participants and experts who were testing the prototypes of the Adaptive Controller.
The step size parameter u is a very important factor which controls the convergence speed of the adaptive LMS algorithm.
Adaptive Biotechnologies combines high-throughput sequencing and expert bioinformatics to profile T-cell and B-cell receptors.
Digital Check Corp.'s new SmartSource Adaptive 2.0 scanner is now available for general purchase, delivering a significant performance boost for financial institutions and other businesses that need to scan checks and other full-sized documents together in a single batch, the company said.
In summer 2016, PBOT attended a series of events related to adaptive cycling and interviewed attendees with disabilities about an adaptive bicycling rental service.
To provide the generalization capability, reinforcement learning (RL) [7], an adaptive method of machine learning and optimal control theory, can be incorporated into an adaptive prediction framework.
Most studies on infectious disease transmission using adaptive networks are deterministic.