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When they are paid by the merchant they operate as an additional tax upon the importing State, whose citizens pay their proportion of them in the character of consumers.
I readily admit that this would be the case, as long as other resources were open; but if the avenues to them were closed, HOPE, stimulated by necessity, would beget experiments, fortified by rigorous precautions and additional penalties, which, for a time, would have the intended effect, till there had been leisure to contrive expedients to elude these new precautions.
They had not, however, attached the additional rope to rocks, and nothing was said about it.
Pott's features assumed so much additional grandeur at the recollection of the power and research displayed in the learned effusions in question, that some minutes elapsed before Mr.
Now, it is with the view of giving a little additional help to all those who find themselves in this position that I proceed to put forth my own personal interpretation of the more abstruse passages in this work.
Cruncher, with additional solemnity, additional slowness, and additional tendency to hold forth and hold out, "as anything wot I have ever said or done should be wisited on my earnest wishes for them poor creeturs now
Our lodgings are comfortable, and we possess the additional blessing of a tidy landlady.
Additional Deputy Commissioner Irshad Ali and Additional Assistant Commissioner Anwar ul Haq paid surprise visit to Namak Mandi and Shah Qabool and arrested 33 profiteers.
Ambreen, Additional District and Sessions Judge, Karachi- Central, Mr.
NAB Lahore to NAB Rawalpindi, Umair Aslam Khan, Acting Additional Director (BS19), from NAB KPK to NAB Rawalpindi.
According to the subscription terms of the additional C share capital, additional interest is paid to additional C shares if MetsEn Board Corporation's B share s trading volume weighted average price exceeds 2.
Before entering into your next agreement, consider the following myths about additional insured coverage and best practices tips:
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