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ADRSAlternative Dispute Resolution System (various organizations)
ADRSApplied Development Research Solutions
ADRSAlabama Department of Rehabilitation Services
ADRSAutomatic Data Retention Solution (software)
ADRSAutomated Disaster Reporting System
ADRSAlternative Dispute Resolution Service
ADRSA Departmental Reporting System
ADRSARNG Division Redesign Study (Army)
ADRSAdaptive Dynamics Refinement System
ADRSAutomatic Data Reporting System
ADRSAutomated Data Retrieval System
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I determined never to say anything in a public address in the North that I would not be willing to say in the South.
In this address at Madison I took the ground that the policy to be pursued with references to the races was, by every honourable means, to bring them together and to encourage the cultivation of friendly relations, instead of doing that which would embitter.
About six years ago--to be exact, upon the 4th of May, 1882--an advertisement appeared in the Times asking for the address of Miss Mary Morstan and stating that it would be to her advantage to come forward.
Pesca' At the mention of myself I can hold no longer--the thought of you, my good dears, mounts like blood to my head--I start from my seat, as if a spike had grown up from the ground through the bottom of my chair--I address myself to the mighty merchant, and I say (English phrase) 'Dear sir, I have the man
Let him send them to me, with his name and address.
s address is not a hundred miles from here, sir, Mr.
Vholes, still quietly insisting on the seat by not giving the address, "that you have influence with Mr.
I gave the required promise, and received the address in return.
At all times of the day and night the phraseology of that tiresome address fell upon our ears.
But still their hearts beat high during Sir Francis M 's address, which certainly was the finest oratorical success that the Royal Geographical Society of London had yet achieved.
All the same, it was Bilibin who found a suitable form for the address.
Eliot injudiciously crowded too much into one address.