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Moreover, I reckon these well-meaning negotiations will help the PKK emerge as the sole addressee in the Kurdish issue, thereby victimizing the people who have no interest in the PKK and who comprise about 70 percent of our Kurdish citizens.
Across paragraphs two and three there are features which also depend on, or indeed reveal, something amounting almost to a reversal of roles between narrator and addressee in terms of their familiarity with the protagonist at the start of a first-person narrative.
For us the issue is the identity of the addressee in the second stanza to whom the warning is directed.
Accountability gaps -- where the speaker and addressee misunderstand each other regarding their respective responsibilities associated with the communication
Be creative when designing the mailing (including the envelope) to attract and hold the attention of the addressee.
Every letter presupposes some form of previous relationship between the addresser and the addressee.
Where the addressee needs to get back in touch offer a stimulus for an early response, possibly a discount or free gift, as the longer a person leaves mail unanswered the less likely they are to bother.
He said items affected had been posted after lunchtime on Sunday, and urged people to check with the addressee that their mail arrived.
The messenger center staff sign for and accept all deliveries, log the time and details of the receipt, and forward the delivery to the proper addressee within the building.
To make matters worse the letter, stamped 'Royal Mail postage paid', was offering the addressee .
The fraud involves letters claiming the addressee has an outstanding traffic fine which must be paid.
Austin (1962) and Searle (1969), as well as most of their followers, adopt a model of communication in which the speaker produces an illocutionary act directed at the hearer who is at the same time the addressee of that act.