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Since speech serves as the object of literature, Roman Jakobson's model of speech communication can better manage the process between an addresser and an addressee. Such a process includes (1) a message that constitutes literature, (2) a contact between two entities, (3) a code that constructs message, and (4) a context produced by different national and cultural backgrounds.
The winner is the one most accessible to the addressee. A meaning can be more accessible and immediate to the addressee because, for example, it relates to his/her activities and knowledge, and is therefore activated more than the other competing meanings.
53 Secondly, such an injunction allows its addressee to avoid liability by proving that he has taken all reasonable measures.
Moreover, I reckon these well-meaning negotiations will help the PKK emerge as the sole addressee in the Kurdish issue, thereby victimizing the people who have no interest in the PKK and who comprise about 70 percent of our Kurdish citizens.
Utterance (1) instantiates the part of the generic structure which presents the addressee as involved in a negative situation.
However, what is crucial about orders is the fact that the speaker has authority over the addressee. The speaker's power is linguistically realized through formal mechanisms like bare imperatives and falling intonation.
"From the combination of information such as origin, sender, address, addressee, specific place of posting, freight declaration, any previous movements the parcel has made; software using fuzzy logic can identify suspicious items of freight at the time and point of registering the shipment electronically.
Possibility of Contradictions level "AND" Familiarization level information of content of of social groups with impact = information messages the content of in mass-media with information messages the preferences system of impact- addressee Relations Possibility of "AND" Coincidence level of tension = information impact preferences in information messages with the preferences of social groups Dynamic aspect.
The essence of the view taken here of the opening paragraphs of Great Expectations is that Pip is indeed to be understood as informing an addressee of his discovery (or realization, or identification) of the names of the things he mentions--and moreover an as-it-were-familiar addressee, who knows Pip and who already knew the things that Pip finally came to know as well.
Mr Heron said: "The addressee obtained details of the special delivery number.
Remember the charities think every addressee has earnings at least of the average wage.
The latter then prints and delivers a postal item for the final addressee. The Commission further adds that its 7 October 2008 decision has binding and direct effect and is directly enforceable by national courts.