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ADOActiveX Data Object (Microsoft)
ADOAnti-Doping Organisation (various locations)
ADOAsian Development Outlook
ADOAccrued Day Off (Australia)
ADOActive Directory Object (computing)
ADOArts Development Officer (UK)
ADOAdvanced Development Objective
ADOAdobe Duotone
ADOActivex Data Object
ADOAccess Data Object
ADOActive Data Object
ADOAustralian Defence Organisation
ADOAtelier des Ondes (French: Workshop on Waves)
ADOAmerican Darts Organization
ADOAdult Dyslexia Organisation
ADOAutomotive Diesel Oil (refining industry)
ADOArmy Digitization Office (US Army)
ADOAlles Door Oefening (soccer club)
ADOAncestral Domains Office (Philippines)
ADOAppeal Deciding Officer
ADOAmpex Digital Optics (digital effects system by Ampex)
ADOArmy Direct Ordering
ADOAgriculture Development Officer (India)
ADOAdditional Day Off
ADOAuxiliary Disconnect Outlet
ADOAir Defense Operations
ADOAverage Dipole Orientation
ADOAerodrome Office
ADOAccumulated Day Off
ADOAdvanced Development Objective(s)
ADOAssociacao Desportiva Ovarense (soccer club)
ADOAuthorized Day Off
ADOAccelerator Device Object
ADOAssociate Director of Operations
ADOAdministrative Duty Officer
ADOAssistant Duty Officer
ADOAbstract Design Object
ADOAirport District Offices (FAA)
ADOAegis Depot Operations
ADOAdaptive Solutions, Inc. (stock symbol)
ADOActivity Distribution Office
ADOAssociated Disbursing Office
ADOAutomated Delivery Order
ADOAmerican Dancesport Organization
ADOArmy Development Office/Officer
ADOAcquisition Development Office
ADOAssistant Desk Officer (NYPD)
ADOAddress Only Mode Transfer (VME)
ADOAlaska Disaster Office (Anchorage, AK)
ADOAir Hokkaido International (airline)
ADOAssistant Director of Operation
ADOAdvanced Oxide
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Much as young children pick up language simply by hearing it spoken, researchers showed that when adenosine was reduced or the A1 receptor blocked in the auditory thalamus, adult mice passively exposed to a tone responded to the same tone stronger when it was played weeks or months later.
This study has been conducted to investigate the possible protective role of adenosine against the toxic effects of exposure to whole body gamma-irradiation in albino rats.
Lipid peroxidation is followed by loss of structural integrity of plasma membranes thereby releasing the membrane associated enzymes like Adenosine deaminase and 5'-nucleotidase into the circulation.
The report assesses Adenosine Receptor A3 (ADORA3) targeted therapeutics based on mechanism of action (MoA), route of administration (RoA) and molecule type
Study of adenosine deaminase activity in pulmonary tuberculosis and other common respiratory diseases.
To overcome these effects, we added physical stress with bicycle ergometer with adenosine infusion.
Eleven studies addressing the use of adenosine in radiofrequency PVI were identified (Table 1).
This explains why regular coffee drinkers build up a tolerance - because you have more adenosine receptors, it takes more caffeine to block a significant proportion of them and achieve the desired effect.
Methotrexate has also been shown to induce adenosine release in humans.
Zylka had already been studying PAP, which stands for prostatic acid phosphatase, when Nedergaard's research on the release of adenosine during acupuncture was published.
Bertil Fredholm, Professor of pharmacology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, earned the award for his pioneering work on the brain adenosine system.