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ADOActiveX Data Object (Microsoft)
ADOAsian Development Outlook
ADOActive Data Object
ADOAustralian Defence Organisation
ADOAmerican Darts Organization
ADOAdult Dyslexia Organisation
ADOAutomotive Diesel Oil (refining industry)
ADOArmy Digitization Office (US Army)
ADOAlles Door Oefening (soccer club)
ADOAmpex Digital Optics (digital effects system by Ampex)
ADOArmy Direct Ordering
ADOAgriculture Development Officer (India)
ADOAdditional Day Off
ADOAuxiliary Disconnect Outlet
ADOAir Defense Operations
ADOAverage Dipole Orientation
ADOAerodrome Office
ADOAccumulated Day Off
ADOAdvanced Development Objective(s)
ADOAssociacao Desportiva Ovarense (soccer club)
ADOAdministrative Duty Officer
ADOAccelerator Device Object
ADOAssociate Director of Operations
ADOAuthorized Day Off
ADOAbstract Design Object
ADOAssistant Duty Officer
ADOAirport District Offices (FAA)
ADOAegis Depot Operations
ADOAdaptive Solutions, Inc. (stock symbol)
ADOActivity Distribution Office
ADOAssociated Disbursing Office
ADOAutomated Delivery Order
ADOAmerican Dancesport Organization
ADOArmy Development Office/Officer
ADOAcquisition Development Office
ADOAssistant Desk Officer (NYPD)
ADOAddress Only Mode Transfer (VME)
ADOAlaska Disaster Office (Anchorage, AK)
ADOAir Hokkaido International (airline)
ADOAssistant Director of Operation
ADOAdvanced Oxide
ADOActive Directory Object (computing)
ADOAppeal Deciding Officer
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The competitive ABPA for adenosine uses SAH hydrolase in its reduced, enzymatically inactive form as the binding protein.
The adenosine global market report 2015 key points:
We have previously shown that MTX, in pharmacologically relevant concentrations, induces the release of adenosine from hepatocytes.
However, it had no effect on "knock out" mice genetically prevented from responding to adenosine, the researchers found.
Acupuncture reduced discomfort by two thirds in mice with normal levels of adenosine.
In the brain, one type of cell that produces adenosine is the astrocyte, a star-shaped non-neuronal cell.
The pathway leading to increased extracellular adenosine by methotrexate has been mostly delineated and supported by both in vitro and in vivo evidence.
Adenosine Therapeutics holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the investigational compound apadenoson, the active pharmaceutical ingredient of Stedivaze.
In vitro studies have shown that commonly consumed quantities of caffeine have led to a high A1 adenosine occupancy.
Acupuncture reduced discomfort by two-thirds in mice with normal levels of adenosine.
Boyer and Walker won half of the chemistry prize for showing how all living things, from bacteria to humans, make adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, a tiny molecule that stores energy.