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ATPaseAdenosine Triphosphatase
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Our study has shown that acute postnatal B(a)P exposure could induce the reduction of sodium-potassium adenosine triphosphatase, calcium-magnesium adenosine triphosphatase and [Ca.sup.2+]-ATPase activity, cause the [Ca.sup.2+] overload in the synapse, and thus leading to the neurobehavioral impairments.
Morphometry was performed using adenosine triphosphatase stain, which showed type-1 and type-2 fibers.
Regulation of sarco (endo)plasmic reticulum [Ca.sup.2+] adenosine triphosphatase by phospholamban and sarcolipin: implication for cardiac hypertrophy and failure.
Dihydroartemisinin Gene change isolates [IC.sub.50] (nmol/L) ATPase6 AGT 153 0.1-31.8 AAT 1 0.83 TTA 154 0.1-31.8 TCA 0 CAT 152 0.1-31.8 TAT 2 4.216 G7 (AAT) (4) 69 0.1-25.9 (AAT) (3) 85 0.15-31.8 * PfATPase, Plasmodium falciparum adenosine triphosphatase; [IC.sub.50], 50% inhibitory concentration.
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