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ADEPTAdobe Digital Editions Protection Technology
ADEPTAlexandria Digital Earth Prototype
ADEPTAntibody-Directed Enzyme Pro-Drug Therapy
ADEPTAssisting, Developing, and Evaluating Professional Teaching
ADEPTAnalytical Design Planning Technique (UK)
ADEPTAutomatic Debiting and Electronic Payment for Transport
ADEPTAlcohol and Drug Education and Prevention Team
ADEPTAdvanced Design Environment Prototype Tool
ADEPTAdministrative Data Entry for Processing Transmission
ADEPTAnalysis-Based Data Exchange for Publications and Training (US DoD)
ADEPTApplying Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis & Therapy (methodological filters for retrieving the evidence)
ADEPTAsynchronous Distance Education Project (Stanford University)
ADEPTAdaptive Diagnostic Electronic Portable Testset
ADEPTA Developmental English Proficiency Test (education)
ADEPTAutomated Disaster and Emergency Planning Tool (communicable disease control)
ADEPTAdvanced Dundee Endoscopic Psychomotor Tester (two-handed performance)
ADEPTAdvanced Distributed Engineering and Programming Toolset
ADEPTAcquisition of Desktop Extended Processing Technology (USPS)
ADEPTAdvanced Distributed Environment for Production Technology
ADEPTApplication Disposition Processing and Tracking (Canada)
ADEPTAssisting in Deployment of Energy Practices and Technologies program (US DoE)
ADEPTAdvanced Design Electronic Packaging Technique
ADEPTApplication Documents Electronically Performed Transmission (e-filing system)
ADEPTAssisting Disabled Employment Placement Training
ADEPTAnatomically Design-Engineered Polymer Technology
ADEPTAutomated Deposit of Electronic Payment for Taxes
ADEPTAssociation of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport (UK)
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Adept 7 software delivers enhanced performance for many everyday activities, including opening, searching, sorting, and scrolling, with performance gains as much as 90 percent over Adept 6 for certain functions.
Adept is a global, leading provider of intelligent automation software for motion and vision-guided robotics systems and services that enable customers to achieve precision, speed, quality and productivity in their assembly, handling, packaging, testing and other automated processes.
Adept's PLC controlled line of robots has been well received in North America due to the popularity and acceptance of Rockwell's RSLogix[R] software environment," said John Dulchinos, president and COO of Adept Technology.
The Adept Python Class 1 ESD robots provide high speed and precision motion while maintaining very clean operation.
The UL Listed Adept Cobra 4-axis SCARA and Adept Viper 6-axis articulated robots utilize Adept's industry leading SmartController[TM] CX controls and software platform providing superior path following, faster cycle times, better repeatability, integrated vision and embedded networking.
The Adept Viper s650 Class 1 clean room and the Adept Viper s850 Class 1 clean room robots bring high performance, precision motion and full 6-Axis dexterity to clean room assembly, handling, testing and packaging applications.
The Adept Quattro s650 robot utilizes a patented 4-link parallel drive and carbon fiber construction to provide packaging cycle times which are twice as fast as conventional packaging robots and up to 240 pick-and-place cycles per minute.
We are pleased to have been selected as the robotics supplier for this expanding application area for automation," said Robert Bucher, chief executive officer at Adept Technology, Inc.
Under the terms of the agreement Fatronik will provide Adept with exclusive use of the patented technology.
This includes both traditional silicon based solar panels and alternate technologies, such as thin film solar panels and string ribbon production methods," said Robert Bucher, chief executive officer of Adept Technology, Inc.
The Adept Viper s1700 is a slim and powerful 20 kg payload robot that features the widest working envelope in its class (1717mm reach) and has exceptional reliability and performance.
Adept controls have been incorporated into most commercial Delta robots," said Robert Bucher, CEO of Adept Technology, Inc.