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There is increasing demand in the industry for higher levels of metal adhesion on metalized film due to the need for more complex packaging structures, which requires a lamination peel strength suitable for functional needs.
Results: In our study, out of 234 cases (117 in each group), 57.26% (n=67) in group-A and 53.85% (n=63) in group-B were between 16-30 years of age while 42.74% (n=50) in group-A and 446.15% (n=54) in group-B were between 31-55 years of age, mean +- SD was calculated as 31.45 +- 6.41 and 30.57 +- 4.54 years in group-A and B respectively, 62.39% (n=73) in group-A and 68.38% (n=80) in group-B were male while 37.61% (n=44) in group-A and 31.62% (n=37) in group-B were females, comparison of the efficacy of intranasal splints in the prevention of nasal adhesion following septal surgery was recorded as 86.32% (n=101) in group-A and 96.58% (n=113) in group-B while remaining 13.68% (n=16) in group-A and 3.42% (n=4) developed nasal adhesion.
There has been an increasing demand for cost-effective films with high metal adhesion for superior barrier applications in harsh environments.
The suggested advantages of closure of the peritoneum include restoring the normal anatomy and reapproximating the tissues, reducing the incidence of infection by reestablishing the natural anatomical barrier, reducing wound dehiscence, reducing hemorrhage, and minimizing the incidence of adhesion formation [1-3].
4DryField PH (4DF), a starch-based formulation, was initially developed for hemostasis in cardiac surgery and, in addition, showed strong adhesion prevention capabilities.
Agile Therapeutics announced topline results from a comparative wear study testing the adhesion of Twirla compared to that of Xulane, the generic version of the previously marketed Ortho Evra contraceptive patch, a product the FDA considers to have acceptable adhesion.
Prevention of Adhesion Formation [22,23,24] Mechanical Barriers/Intraperitoneal Solutions
* Exceptional Adhesion Performance: Durapore Advanced Tape maintains adhesion on oily or diaphoretic skin.
The general adhesion score was 6[+ or -]1.1 in Group 1, 4.4[+ or -]1.1 in Group 2, and 7.5[+ or -]1.2 in Group 3.
Ensuring proper adhesion between energy-curable coatings and non-absorptive substrates has long been a significant challenge.