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The results of the research show that apart from deriving substantival and adjectival paradigms in a regular fashion, de-verbal derivation is also relatively productive in deriving adverbs and, importantly, highly productive in deriving other verbs.
They are quite often further characterized by the addition of an adjectival suffix in order to secure proper understanding.
In other words, as we show in our discussion of the adjectival equity of
Thus, you would need to use an adverbial modifier, not an adjectival modifier.
In view of the other elements we have mentioned, one might be tempted to conclude that the NP + present participle string began life as a construction expressing the DPR of an entity, the accusative NP, modified by an adjectival participle.
Consider, for example where (34) the adjectival kaloskagathos and the nominal kalokagathia appear.
Now, in casting our analytical gaze upon these adjectival qualifiers I submit that we are engaging in something rather more than a mere grammatical cavil.
The German language routinely forms very long words by incorporating (sometimes) long adjectival phrases and the nouns they modify into a single word.
They chose not to resolve the normative divide between the regulatory and adjectival conceptions.
Vegetal, the adjectival form of the word vegetable.
Ito's poems explore what it means to be alert in its adjectival sense--to be fully attentive.