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Incorrect: Other adjectival references, including "North Macedonian", "Macedonian", "Northern Macedonian", "N.
A fully regular adjectival paradigm is formed by the '-uci/-ad' suffix.
In Mitchell's terms, cumendne in (19) looks more "adjectival" in nature, whereas cumende in (20) appears more "verbal".
So when we apply the obvious/reasonable test to teachers, we often hear an opposite standard applied: that teachers with experience -- older teachers -- are "burnt-out'' cases, or some other adjectival construction that describes ancient bodies dragging themselves into work, sucking off the public payroll with their obsolete and ineffectual worn-out teaching methods.
Among the topics are a grammatical sketch, segmental phonology, nominal and adjectival compounds, ideophones and onomatopoeia, postpositions and adverbials, verbal derivation, verb phrases and predicate structure, relativization and clause nominalization, clause chaining and subordination, quotative constructions, and grammatical pragmatics.
Coates specifically discusses music and painting, and how color had become less "shackled" to the object with which it was associated (what Coates calls an "adjectival style") and "achieves equality through the necessity of its presence to delineate the growing number of objects discerned as mysterious, 'alienated' (if viewed negatively) or 'exotic' (if viewed positively) ..." (22).
Now, in casting our analytical gaze upon these adjectival qualifiers I submit that we are engaging in something rather more than a mere grammatical cavil.
Consider, for example where (34) the adjectival kaloskagathos and the nominal kalokagathia appear.
The German language routinely forms very long words by incorporating (sometimes) long adjectival phrases and the nouns they modify into a single word.
adjectival prows of leaves of sugar maples and of great