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ADJAmerican DJ (brand name)
ADJAdjoint (of a matrix or an operator; math)
ADJAdministration of Justice (criminal justice course; various universities)
ADJAustralian Dental Journal
ADJAmman, Jordan - Civil (Airport Code)
ADJAction pour le Développement des Jeunes (French: Action for the Development of Youth; Togo)
ADJAustralian Designer Jewellery (Sydney, Australia)
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Personal pronouns and adjectives are a fruitful nuisance in this language, and should have been left out.
They had no fixed values, to be altered by adjectives and adverbs.
Thus the terms 'whiteness','grammar', 'justice', give us the adjectives 'white','grammatical', 'just', and so on.
As to the adjectives, I said, if I remember right, amiable, unambitious, and absent-minded.
He used gestures instead of adjectives, and he halted.
old beau loves with an hysterical fervor that requires four adjectives to every noun to properly describe.
His adjectives were too foul for print; they were given with such a special effort at distinctness, however, that I was smiling one instant, and giving thanks the next that Eva Denison had not come forward with her guardian.
Black headlines, notes of exclamation, the use of superlative adjectives, scarcely met the case.
8) Attending to a different sense of serious, previous reference studies in the field such as Lemke (1998) and Bednarek (2006), respectively, classify the adjective under the 'semantic category' of humorousness/seriousness (Lemke, 1998) and the 'core evaluative parameter' of humorousness (Bednarek, 2006).
The following list of morphological patterns presents productive compounds whose head is an adjective, an -ing form or a past participle.
Two other factors that have been shown to play a role in children's interpretation of generic statements are adjective type and animacy.
Well can be used both as an adjective and as an adverb.