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ADJAmerican DJ (brand name)
ADJAdjoint (of a matrix or an operator; math)
ADJAdministration of Justice (criminal justice course; various universities)
ADJAustralian Dental Journal
ADJAmman, Jordan - Civil (Airport Code)
ADJAction pour le Développement des Jeunes (French: Action for the Development of Youth; Togo)
ADJAustralian Designer Jewellery (Sydney, Australia)
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But I was bound to appear, if called on, at the adjourned inquest, and doubly bound to answer my bail before the magistrate at Knowlesbury.
The court accepted his plea and adjourned the case.
The court has adjourned the Rs10 billion defamation suit hearing as additional sessions judge Shabana is on leave.
He adjourned the proceeding and went into his chamber.
Seven men, who were charged with promoting the ideology of terrorist organisations including Daesh, had the hearing adjourned to February 7 to allow their lawyers to present their case.
The fiscal asked for the case to be adjourned again to a later date so witnesses could be summoned, however this was repelled by the accused's lawyer.
After that the deputy speaker adjourned the session.
AC judge Mohammad Bashir took up the case for hearing on Friday and adjourned the hearing initially for 15 minutes after finding no copy of IHC judgment but later ousted PM Counsel prayed court to adjourn the hearing till Tuesday unless copy of verdict is received.
The case was adjourned the same day, with club representatives, including Levien and chairman Huw Jenkins, to give evidence at a later date.
AAE'A-Aa[euro]sIAa[euro]sA1/2This is the second time that the session has been adjourned without completing formalities and against rules and regulations,AAE'A-Aa[euro]sIAa[euro]sA1/2 said MQM MPA Syed Sardar Ahmed.
The Lok Sabha was earlier adjourned till noon after the MP's raised a variety of issues.
The hearing was adjourned until September 23 for further study.