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ADJAmerican DJ (brand name)
ADJAdjoint (of a matrix or an operator; math)
ADJAdministration of Justice (criminal justice course; various universities)
ADJAdditional District Judge (India)
ADJAustralian Dental Journal
ADJAmman, Jordan - Civil (Airport Code)
ADJAnother Dead Junkie
ADJAction pour le Développement des Jeunes (French: Action for the Development of Youth; Togo)
ADJAustralian Designer Jewellery (Sydney, Australia)
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Features include self-aligning bearings, adjustable leg-sets, true-track belt guidance and strong 12-gauge steel frames.
25 percent for five years, then is pegged at the current rate for a one-year adjustable.
Adjustable beds are one course of action, according to Nermon.
Fixed sights are more adjustable than they used to be.
In terms of loan preferences, The Manhattan Mortgage Company survey reported that 32% of co-op/condominium borrowers chose five-year adjustable rate mortgages in February while 30-year fixed rate mortgages accounted for 38% of the marketplace.
Still, 17 percent of those who refinanced switched from a fixed-rate loan to an adjustable one.
In this kind of environment, with the Fed pushing short terms rates up and and the economic outlook upbeat, the difference between interest charged for adjustable home loans and the traditional 30-year fixed narrows.
As a result, mortgage rates, particularly adjustable loans, soared to their highest levels in nearly a decade.
Quick and easy assembly of the Adjustable ServerRack and QuadraRack is made possible with the welded front and rear equipment mounting frames that permits self-squaring.
But a lot is a good general description, since this adjustable saves him about $1,000 a month.
SEATTLE -- Seattle Mortgage (SMC), a leader in the reverse mortgage industry, has expanded their product offering to include reduced margin loans for both the HECM monthly adjustable and the HECM annual adjustable mortgage, therefore lowering costs for senior borrowers.
7 percent of home loans had an adjustable rate in some form, up from 33.