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There is one very unpleasant peculiarity about the Adjutant.
The Adjutant was a most notorious coward, but the Jackal was worse.
A channel divided them, and later dried up again," said the Adjutant, who prided himself on his memory.
All are very good eating," said the Adjutant, clattering his beak.
They are too close--too narrow in the hand for my crop," croaked the Adjutant.
Now, in Calcutta of the South, in the old days," the Adjutant went on, "everything was thrown into the streets, and we picked and chose.
Ah, but the white-faces are there--the English, and they bring dogs from somewhere down the river in boats--big fat dogs--to keep those same jackals lean," said the Adjutant.
The Mugger opened his left eye, and looked keenly at the Adjutant.
The Adjutant had done his very best to describe his feelings after swallowing a seven-pound lump of Wenham Lake ice, off an American ice-ship, in the days before Calcutta made her ice by machinery; but as he did not know what ice was, and as the Mugger and the Jackal knew rather less, the tale missed fire.
The Jackal looked at the Adjutant and the Adjutant looked at the Jackal.
I was young then," said the Adjutant, clattering his beak significantly.
That food was eaten thirty seasons ago," said the Adjutant quietly.