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ADMINAustralian Disaster Management Information Network (joint government project)
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May I ask how you know that my niece is not an adulterated article, like the rest of them?
Winkle adulterated his brandy; and the conversation was becoming general, when it was interrupted by the entrance into the shop of a boy, in a sober gray livery and a gold-laced hat, with a small covered basket under his arm, whom Mr.
The KP health Department has set a target to administer polio drops to over 6 million children below the age of five year during the campaign, said an official on condition of anonymity.
They will administer the magnesium sulfate drug intravenously.
More than 135 IHEs administer College BASE, which works to either qualify students for entry into teacher-education programs or as a general academic knowledge assessment.
State CPA societies administer the AICPA peer review program for firms headquartered in that state or arrange for another state society to administer them.
One answer may be found in the AICPA Council's announcement of a new voluntary membership organization--the Center for Public Company Audit Firms--which restructures and replaces SECPS and will administer a peer review program for member firms focusing on audits of nonpublic entities.
Ns, or first-aid staff with a credential to administer medications?