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It is difficult to recount in detail, chapter by chapter, a plan which embraced the whole budget and continued down through the minutest details of administration in order to keep the whole synthetical; but perhaps a slight sketch of the principal reforms will suffice for those who understand such matters, as well as for those who are wholly ignorant of the administrative system.
He thought that if the France of former days possessed brains strong enough to comprehend in one system both foreign and domestic affairs, the France of to-day was not likely to be without its Mazarin, its Suger, its Sully, its de Choiseul, or its Colbert to direct even vast administrative departments.
That it should be the owner of domains was, in Rabourdin's opinion, an administrative contradiction.
But so far he had only dared to conceive the plan and fit it prospectively to the administrative skeleton; all of which counted for nothing,--he must gain the ear of a minister capable of appreciating his ideas.
If Rabourdin succeeded him, his talents (for Celestine did vouchsafe him an administrative gift) would be so thoroughly appreciated that the office of Master of petitions, formerly promised, would now be given to him; she fancied she saw him the king's commissioner, presenting bills to the Chambers and defending them; then indeed she could help him; she would even be, if needful, his secretary; she would sit up all night to do the work
relations between capital and labour, but, at the best, lessen the cost, and simplify the administrative work, of bourgeois government.
He saw himself deported by an administrative order, his life broken, ruined, and robbed of all hope.
His real abilities, which were mainly of an administrative order, were combined with an adventurous disposition.
PPS said while 21 Palestinians received administrative detention orders for the first time, the remaining 21 detainees received renewed administrative orders.
The PPC said while eight prisoners received administrative detention orders for the first time, the other five received renewed administrative detention orders, WAFA reported.
Ends/MN/FS Muscat, Oct 22 (ONA) The Ministry of Civil Service represents the Sultanate today in a symposium entitled "Administrative Corruption and Financial and Administrative Irregularities in Government Commisions" and how to unite efforts and expertise among civil service bodies in GCC countries, hosted by the State of Kuwait and lasts for two days.
Building upon a March 2010 conference on current issues in international administrative law jointly co-hosted by the World Bank Administrative Tribunal and the American Society of International Law on the occasion of the former's 30th anniversary, editor Elias (Executive Secretary, World Bank Administrative Tribunal) supplements papers from the conference with additional contributions on similar topics of interest.
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