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ADMINORDAdministrative Order
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This constitutes another violation of Section 7(a) of Administrative Order No.
The lawsuit argues the exception was not meant to allow a circuit administrative judge to "circumvent the Rule's core requirement via an unpublished, one-sentence administrative order."
In his petition, Justice Khan had pleaded that he was being shown junior to these judges on the basis of an administrative order which, according to him, was illegal.
The administrative order also stipulates for ending the call for conscripted officers and reserve conscripts who joined the armed forces before 1 -7-2012.
One problem is the potential for litigants to object to the administrative order, Tuter says.
Venkaiah Naidu's rejection of an impeachment motion against Supreme Court Chief Justice Dipak Misra on Tuesday after the court refused to give details of the administrative order that led to setting up of a constitutional bench to hear the matter.
Administrative detention, routinely employed by Israel against Palestinians under its occupation, is implemented solely on the basis of an administrative order, without either indictment or trial.
The country's vice president, James Wani Igga issued an administrative order for the formation of the preparatory committee, the state-owned SSTV announced Wednesday.
Rules 32 and 33 of the Administrative Tribunal Act empowers the chairman of the tribunal to prescribe a dress code for its members and staff with an administrative order. It is this order by virtue of which the members of CAT -- administrative and judicial -- are wearing the uniform exclusively meant for senior designated advocates.
After six months, the administrative order signed by a military commander is renewed under the pretext of the so-called secret file where neither the detainee nor his lawyer is ever informed of its details.
Environmental Protection Agency will issue an administrative order after its inspection of the sewer system here earlier this year.
11, 2012, DEP issued an administrative order to Herbert L.
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