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ADMINAustralian Disaster Management Information Network (joint government project)
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The administrator locked up the house against the time when the property, real and personal, should be sold by law with a view to defraying, partly, the expenses of the sale.
He was one of those Olympian administrators who know everything except Russia, pronounce a word of extraordinary wisdom, admired by all, about once in five years, and, after being an eternity in the service, generally die full of honour and riches, though they have never done anything great, and have even been hostile to all greatness.
The Germanic (Anglo-Saxon and 'Danish') element explains, then, why uneducated Englishmen of all times have been thick-headed, unpleasantly self-assertive, and unimaginative, but sturdy fighters; and the Norman strain why upper-class Englishmen have been self-contained, inclined to snobbishness, but vigorously aggressive and persevering, among the best conquerors, organizers, and administrators in the history of the world.
One of our popular training tools is a self-assessment on our Web site called The Ideal Administrator.
In his role as a hospital administrator, Noll is more accommodating.
If there was a fight in the hallway, the old procedure included having the administrator "drag" the witnesses and fighters back to the office to gather details for a report, Livermore says.
IT storage administrators face growing pressure to control costs and increase capabilities of storage area networks (SANs).
Fast-forward to 2004, the now 31-year-old Kiley became the new administrator at Rutledge Home, a 66-bed nursing home in Chippewa Falls, Wis.
But the school's buttoned-up administrators hadn't wanted to involve the police, and the rioters eventually were allowed to graduate.
The Los Angeles Unified School District's inspector general has found instances of administrators falsifying grades and records so unqualified students can get high school diplomas, and he has threatened severe disciplinary action, including criminal prosecution for future violations, officials said Thursday.
It is advisable to contact an administrator prior to receipt of an audit notice, to discuss the possibility of a managed self-audit.
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