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The fact that the parts of substances appear to be present in the whole, as in a subject, should not make us apprehensive lest we should have to admit that such parts are not substances: for in explaining the phrase 'being present in a subject', we stated' that we meant 'otherwise than as parts in a whole'.
"Do you admit that education is a benefit for the people?"
When they make them rightly, they make them agreeably to their interest; when they are mistaken, contrary to their interest; you admit that?
But the chief cause of our natural unwillingness to admit that one species has given birth to other and distinct species, is that we are always slow in admitting any great change of which we do not see the intermediate steps.
"After all, may not another ground be taken on which this article of the Constitution will admit of a still more ready defense?
But how admit that the construction of this submarine boat had escaped the public eye?