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ADROITAdaptive Dynamic Radio Open-Source Intelligent Team (software-defined radio creation)
ADROITAdverse Drug Reaction On-Line Information Tracking
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This adroit Canadian employed his time in preparing the viands and meat that he had brought off the island.
In three years he had gone off considerably, though he was still rather handsome and adroit.
The technique for intubation can be made safer, faster, and more efficient with the use of Adroit Surgical's Voir Bougie[TM](patent pending).
We've been very pleased to grow our wealth management offering over the years with the acquisition of Adroit Investment Management in 2008 and McLean & Partners Wealth Management in 2013.
Adelie An abridged account about an Antarctic avian, Affirmed awkward at ambulation, Apt, avid and adroit at aquatic aviation.
And Adroit, second to Photo Call on her debut at Fairyhouse, earned a valuable winning bracket when getting the better of Calorie in the opener, after which Lyons stated: "She's a lovely, well-bred filly and it was important to win with her.
He said that it was an adroit move and welcoming sign of PML-N by choosing Dr.
The Al Shohub School of Girls team will be travelling along with the other winners - Adroit Infinitum from The Indian High School in Dubai and Strike Automobiles from The School of Research Science in Dubai.
DIRECTOR of cricket Dougie Brown was delighted by Warwickshire's adroit adjustment to unusual conditions at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium.
If Bale stars again, we can look forward to Lawro hailing him as a coruscating, effulgent, incandescent, lambent and luminous talent with a left foot that is not only adroit and dexterous but also efficacious, puissant and unyielding.
Fingerprint ID Linde Gases' automated latent mark visualization system, the ADROIT FC 300, is a significant leap forward in fingerprint identification technology.