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APCKDadult polycystic kidney disease
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Patients with adult polycystic kidney disease, usually develop renal failure after 40 years of age.
As well as needing a triple heart bypass, a blood test revealed he was suffering from adult polycystic kidney disease, which is an inherited disorder.
Research has implicated genes on this chromosome in the development of such conditions as breast and prostate cancer, Crohn's disease and adult polycystic kidney disease.
A kidney ultrasound test may be helpful in distinguishing the two conditions, as it would be positive in adult polycystic kidney disease.
Adult polycystic kidney disease has an autosomal dominant pattern of inheritance (meaning one of the parents has the disease).
Diagnosis and treatment of a solitary infected hepatic cyst in two patients with adult polycystic kidney disease. Clin Nephrol 1993; 40:205-7.
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